Trips and hikes in the Sierra Nevada mountains

What to do for trips and tours in the Sierra Nevada

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Trips and hikes in the Sierra Nevada mountains
Inserted: 08.11.2021
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The Sierra Nevada, the highest mountain range in the Iberian Peninsula, is easily accessible by several roads and has a number of marked hiking trails. The mountain range is about a hundred kilometers long, so the possibilities for hiking are really extensive. Let's see what all the interesting things you can do here.

Trip to Velet

Probably the most famous trip in the entire Sierra Nevada is a drive from Granada to the Hoya de la Mora car park (2,515 m above sea level) and from there to the second highest peak of the mountains – Velet. But count on the fact that during the winter and spring there is a lot of snow and in the summer you will be sintered by heat

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Spring trip to Hoya de la Mora
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Ascent to Velet

Ascent to Mulhacen

Another popular trip is the ascent to the highest mountain in mainland Spain – Mulhacen. The easiest ascent to it is from the southern side of the mountains, where the minibus will take you up to an altitude of 2,700 meters above sea level.

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Ascent to Mulhacén (3,482 m above sea level)

Ridge over the Sierra Nevada

A really interesting and challenging act is the crossing of the entire ridge of the mountains. A 110-kilometer walk and five altitude kilometers up and down await you. The western starting point of the ridge is the town of Lanjaron (650 m above sea level) with a picturesque castle. Eastern then Ohanes

The village of Alpujarras

On the southern slopes of the Sierra Nevada you will find the picturesque villages of Alpujarras such as Capileira, Bubion, Trevelez or Orgiva, which are definitely worth a visit.


To the north of the mountains lies the interesting city of Guadix with a beautiful cathedral, castle and especially cave dwellings. From the city there is of course a nice view of the Sierra Nevada

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Tour of Guadix

La Calahorra

At the foot of the mountains you will find one of the most famous castles in southern Spain – La Calahorra, which is located on a hill above the town of the same name.

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A tour of the town of La Calahorra
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