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Caribbean pearl of Yucatan

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Trip to Tulum
Updated: 20.05.2017
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The entrance gate to relatively untouched strip of beautiful Caribbean coast with white sands is a provincial town of Tulum. You will not find here much of interest, but it is a good bus junction, from where you can easily get to all sites in Yucatan. From here it is still a few kilometers to the lengthy beach enclosed fortunately by only decent cabanas and low small hotels. Right next door is also interesting Mayan fortress.  

1 to 2 day

Swimming, walking along the beach and Mayan fortress

Start of relaxing stay in Tulum is obvious: swimming and relaxing at the local beach. The northern part of the beach is bordered by cliffs, on which is the Mayan fortress. To the south is almost two kilometers of uninterrupted sand, which provides an ideal opportunity for walks before cliffs and small cove appear. It is an ideal place if you prefer privacy. The second day is ideal for seeing the fort. Try to arrive here as soon as possible to avoid the crowds that come here with organized tours from Cancun.

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Tips for trips for other days

  • Protected area Sian Ka'an with original Yucatan flora and fauna is easily accessible by boat or by road from Tulum.
  • Laguna and pyramids Muyil linked with jungle trail.
  • Cobá: Mayan ruins built around a group of lakes with one of the highest pyramid in Yucatan – Nohoch Mul, 42 meters high.
  • Valladolid and cenot Dzintup
  • Chitzen Itza
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