Travel through Kathmandu valley

Travel through Kathmandu valley

The place of three royal towns

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Time: 5 Days

Most tourists to Nepal reserve a few days for the case of unexpected circumstances and they usually spend them in Kathmandu or in its vicinity. It is quite surprising how many interesting and historical places are located here. So there is no need to stay only around Thamel, but you can enjoy the history of Nepal and admire the interesting views of Himalayas.  


1 to 2 day

Tour around Kathmandu

The first two days will take you a tour around Kathmandu with its famous Buddhist and Hindu sacred places.

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Overpopulated center of Nepal

Overpopulated Kathmandu is for most tourists gateway to Nepal, and almost every one of them has to overcome the initial shock from smog, disorder, dense traffic and crowds. But you will gradually get used to that and you will be looking forward to the atmosphere in Thamel, especially after a challenging trek. In addition, in Kathmandu, or rather in Kathmandu valley, are the most historic sites across the country.

3 to 4 day

Royal towns

You can then explore the other two royal towns: Patan, which is now basically a suburb of Kathmandu and Bhaktapur. As a bonus, you can set out to a small, but interesting Budhanilkantha temple, where is a large statue of sleeping Vishnu.

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Royal town to the south of Kathmandu

Earlier independent royal town Patan is nowadays only the southern suburbs of Katmandu. In its heart, however, is beautiful Durbar Square, where you can admire traditional historic cathedrals and palaces. It is only about seven kilometers far away from Thamel.

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The most beautiful royal town

The historic center of Bhaktapur is without any doubt the most beautiful Nepalese royal town. The local Durbar Square is dominated by the royal palace. Beautiful pagoda temple Nyatpola is just a bit further. In its vicinity are many other temples with interesting sculptures and stunning carved balconies and doors. Also a bit away from the center you come across a lot of interesting streets with locals living almost original life. So if you are interested in sights and local life, do not forget to undertake a half day trip here.

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Temple of sleeping Vishnu

Budhanilkantha located just ten kilometers north of downtown of Kathmandu on the slope of the green mountain of Shivapuri is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Nepal. In the center of the church, in the sacred pool, lies on a cushion of snakes more than five meters long Vishnu.

5th and next days

Scenic hills of the Himalayas

You can then set out to interesting outlooks of the Himalayas. Perhaps the best known is Nagarkot. For hiking is ideal Shivapuri National Park.

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