Scotland circuit

A fortnightly road trip

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Scotland circuit
Inserted: 09.09.2018
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Scotland is a beautiful country that is less visited by tourists than other European countries. This will help me plan the Scottish circuit for 14 days. Which can be reached by car. There are many car rental companies in Scotland. The biggest is Arnold Clark. I also recommend downloading the WikiCamps UK application. It facilitates accommodation and also works off-line. Financially, when the car is fully occupied, count on a budget of up to CZK 20,000 / person with everything. The final route is here

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Article: Preparations for Scotland

Tomorrow we fly to Scotland, where we will have a two-week stay and a circular route of over 1500 km. From Edi via Loch Lomond,… continue reading

Preparations for Scotland
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Article: A tour of Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a place visited by 13 million tourists a year. Which is the capital of Scotland. The city was founded by the Romans… continue reading

A tour of Edinburgh
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Article: Road to the west of Scotland

After leaving the capital Edinburgh, many travel to the west of Scotland. And it offers many historical and technical monuments,… continue reading

Road to the west of Scotland
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Article: Glencoe

Glencoe, who wouldn't know. It is considered one of the most beautiful places in Scotland, which was in its current position… continue reading

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Article: Glen Nevis and Glenfinnan viaduct

Glen Nevis is located on the far side of Glencoe. In addition to the beautiful valley in which the river Nevis flows, you can… continue reading

Glen Nevis and Glenfinnan viaduct
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Article: Skye

When many people say Scotland, they think of a man with a kilt and bagpipes, another a region full of castles and other natural… continue reading

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Article: Scottish Highlands

I consider its border from the bay at Fort William, through Loch Lochy, Loch Ness to the north of Scotland. Among the most… continue reading

Scottish Highlands

Article: Elgin

60 km east of Inverness is the demolished cathedral in Elgin. It is one of the most famous in Scotland. The cathedral was founded… continue reading

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Article: Scotch whiskey

Whiskey is an integral part of Scotland. Its origins date back to the 15th century, where it was cooked in monasteries. Some… continue reading

Scotch whiskey

Article: Balmoral

Balmoral, a castle associated with the royal family. Yes, it is the summer power of Queen Elizabeth II. The castle includes a… continue reading


Article: Drum Castle

Drum Castle is a castle that attracts with its huge tower. The original castle was built as a tower house from the 13th century… continue reading

Drum Castle

Article: Dunnottar Castle

It lies on the east coast of Scotland south of Aberdeen. The castle was built in the 7th century on a 50 meter high rock. It was… continue reading

Dunnottar Castle

Article: Glamis

Glamis original hunting lodge from the 11th century. For the next century it underwent a change following the example of the… continue reading


Article: St. Andrews

The cathedral was built between 1122 and 1159. At the time, it was the largest building in Scotland. During the church revolution… continue reading

St. Andrews

Article: Forth Rail Bridge

A bridge that is as famous as the Glenfinnan Railway Bridge. It is a destination for many tourists. This railway bridge was… continue reading

Forth Rail Bridge

Article: Rossylin Chapel

Everyone had heard of her. About the treasure of the Templars hidden in the crypt of Rosslyn Chapel. This myth, which is… continue reading

Rossylin Chapel
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