A city with Jewish history

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Třebíč's monuments are like a live open-air museum. In the Jewish quarter, music is often heard, and the local creators read in Kabbalah overnight. There are plenty of wineries, cafes and pubs, and travelers from all over the world are happily sitting on the bank of the Jihlava River.

From the St. Basil's Cathedral. Prokop, which is only a few meters away from the miniature Jewish town, is organically sounded by the organ, and in the courtyard of the former monastery and chateau slowly trot groups of tourists.

Třebíč perhaps best describes the race in slow smoking, which takes place every year in the local museum. Time is passing slowly, and history buried in the stones of the Jewish city, tombstones of the great Jewish cemetery and basilica intermingle with the present. In 2003, these three monuments were listed on UNESCO.

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