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The most beautiful trips in Křivoklátsko

What to do and experience in Křivoklátsko

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The most beautiful trips in Křivoklátsko
Inserted: 07.01.2021
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Křivoklátsko is a region with beautifully preserved nature in Central Bohemia. The main starting points are Beroun and Rakovník. The main attraction here is the powerful Křivoklát Castle and you will find far more options where to go on a trip

A tour of Křivoklát Castle

The heart of Křivoklátsko

Altitude: 264 m / 866 ft

Křivoklát Castle is one of the oldest and most important Czech castles. Its origins date back to the 12th… continue reading

Trip to Týřov

Romantic ruins above Berounka

| Altitude: 320 m / 1 050 ft

Týřov is one of the oldest castles in the Czech Republic. It is located in the heart of the Křivoklát region,… continue reading

Bike trip around the Křivoklát region

From Zbiroh to Rakovník

| Altitude: 379 m / 1 243 ft

A cycle trip through the beautiful and wild Křivoklát landscape leads from the Zbiroh chateau through the… continue reading

A walk to the Vysoký vrch lookout tower

A pleasant walk near Prague

Altitude: 471 m / 1 545 ft

Vysoký vrch is a hill with an altitude of 486 m above sea level located in the Křivoklát Highlands. There are… continue reading

NPR Týřov

Through the valley of Úpořský brook

| Altitude: 301 m / 988 ft

The Úpořský stream, popularly or tramply, is located in the very heart of the Křivoklátsko Protected… continue reading

A walk to the Máminka lookout tower

Or an educational trail on Ore Mountain

Altitude: 591 m / 1 939 ft

Krušná hora (609 m above sea level) is a significant hill of the Křivoklát region. Iron ore has been mined… continue reading

Křivoklátsko and Rakovnicko from above

Or flights are not just sightseeing

Altitude: 379 m / 1 243 ft

This year I had a unique opportunity to work on the organization of reconnaissance flights on the bark beetle… continue reading

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