The most beautiful trips in Iceland

What to do and experience in Iceland

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The most beautiful trips in Iceland
Inserted: 20.09.2020

Iceland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world due to its rugged geologically very lively landscape. The most common destinations for trips are the local beautiful waterfalls, mountain landscape with glacial lagoons. Let's see what interesting things you can do here for trips

Icelandic waterfalls

Including Europe's largest waterfall

| Altitude: 199 m / 653 ft

Iceland is called the „landscape of ice and fire“. But also „the land of thousands of waterfalls“. And… continue reading

Trek in Landmannalaugár

With ascent to Brennisteinsald (881 m asl) and Bláhnúkur (945 m asl)

| Altitude: 945 m / 3 100 ft

Trek in the Liparite (rainbow) mountains of Landmannalaugár, in the Fjallabak nature reserve. Views from the… continue reading

Hverfjall volcano

About a beautiful volcano and its surroundings

| Altitude: 420 m / 1 378 ft

Hverfjall volcano is located in northwestern Iceland on Lake Myvatn. It is a 420 meter high volcano, which… continue reading

Ascent to Kristínartindar

View of the highest mountain in Iceland - Hvannadalshnjúkur.

| Altitude: 1 126 m / 3 694 ft

Kristínartindar (1126 m above sea level) is a mountain rising between the slides of the glaciers Vatnajökull,… continue reading


Glacier lagoon

| Altitude: 130 m / 427 ft

The Glacier Lagoon is located almost 400 km from Reykjavík on the main road that goes around the whole island… continue reading

For volcanic activity in Iceland

Knowing what shapes the land of ice and fire

Altitude: 1 166 m / 3 825 ft

Iceland is a popular tourist destination for travelers from all over the world. Endless glaciers, monumental… continue reading

Icelandic churches

Churches and small churches, small and huge, picturesque and modern.

| Altitude: 38 m / 125 ft

You will not find historical architectural monuments of the „European“ type in Iceland. The view of the… continue reading

Winter Skógafoss

Rainbow waterfall

| Altitude: 97 m / 318 ft

It is called one of the most beautiful and most impressive waterfalls in Iceland. 60 m high and 15 m wide… continue reading

Reynisfjara beach

Stone stairs

| Altitude: 1 m / 3 ft

Reynisfjara is a beach known mainly for its surrounding hills, which look like stone steps and are also known… continue reading

Fallen DC3 aircraft

Winter black beach

| Altitude: 11 m / 36 ft

The journey to the plane takes an hour, the disadvantage is that you have to complete the same journey again… continue reading

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