The most beautiful trips in Esfahan

What to visit in Esfahan

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The most beautiful trips in Esfahan
Inserted: 25.02.2021
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Esfahan is a city where there are really a number of beautiful sights worth visiting. Not surprisingly, it is one of the most visited places in Iran. The city center is the famous Naqsh-e Jahan Square, where the city tour usually begins. Let's see what else is worth seeing here

Walk around square Naqsh-e Jahan

Throbbing heart of Esfahan

| Altitude: 1 575 m / 5 167 ft

The main center and start of most tourist tours around two million Esfahan is at the Square Naqsh-e Jahan … continue reading

Visit of Imam Mosque

The most beautiful mosque in Esfahan

| Altitude: 1 580 m / 5 184 ft

The most beautiful building in Esfahan and the biggest dominant of the large Imam Square is Imam Mosque … continue reading

Surroundings of the square Sabzeh

The second center of Esfahan

| Altitude: 1 575 m / 5 167 ft

If the major sights in Esfahan are Immam mosque and square Naqsh-e Jahan, then Square Sabzeh and adjacent… continue reading

Historic bridges of Esfahan

Bridges across the river Zayanderud

| Altitude: 1 573 m / 5 161 ft

River Zayanderud flows through the town from west to east kilometer and a half south of the center of Esfahan… continue reading

A tour of lesser-known monuments in Esfahan

Armenian Quarter and Hasht Behesht Park

| Altitude: 1 582 m / 5 190 ft

Perhaps the most tourist-visited city of Esfahan boasts a number of beautiful sights. Everyone usually visits… continue reading

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