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The most beautiful trips from Karlovy Vary

Where to go on a trip from Karlovy Vary

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The most beautiful trips from Karlovy Vary
Inserted: 30.09.2023
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Karlovy Vary is one of the most visited cities in West Bohemia. It is not surprising, however, that it is the most famous spa in the Czech Republic and one of the most important in the whole of Europe. It boasts a beautiful historic center. In addition, you can make a lot of beautiful trips from here, because in the vicinity there is a picturesque mountain range Slavkovský les and a number of other monuments worth visiting. So where to go on a trip from Karlovy Vary

City tour of Karlovy Vary

Spa and festival town

Altitude: 385 m / 1 263 ft

You can manage a tour of the city of Karlovy Vary, the most visited spa town in the Czech Republic,… continue reading

City tour of Loket

Picturesque city under the famous castle

| Altitude: 414 m / 1 358 ft

The picturesque town of Loket has only three thousand inhabitants. It is located on a rocky promontory… continue reading

Sokolov - city tour

Former center of lignite mining

Altitude: 403 m / 1 322 ft

Sokolov is a town about 20 km southwest of Karlovy Vary, which was founded in the 13th century on the banks… continue reading


Czech Yellowstone

| Altitude: 439 m / 1 440 ft

Yes, we also have active land. It is located in the west of Bohemia near Franstiškovy Lazní. The reserve was… continue reading

Walk through Kladské peat bogs

Kladská nature trail

| Altitude: 826 m / 2 710 ft

The roof of the Slavkov Forest could be called peat bogs around Kladská. At an altitude of over 800 meters… continue reading

A tour of Bečov nad Teplou

A historic town in the Slavkov Forest

| Altitude: 518 m / 1 699 ft

Inside the Slavkov Forest you will find the beautiful historic town of Bečov nad Teplou, where you will find,… continue reading

A tour of Kynžvart Castle

Kynžvart journey II.

| Altitude: 587 m / 1 926 ft

Former summer residence of the Austrian Chancellor Klemens von Metternich. continue reading

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