The most beautiful places of Utah

The best of Utah

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The most beautiful places of Utah
Inserted: 08.04.2020
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If you want to experience the real „wild west“, make sure to travel Utah – red and orange-colored strange rocks and rock bridges, deep canyons and table mountains. For most travelers, Utah is the best of all over the West. Let's take a look at the most beautiful places of Utah.

Zion National Park

National park with a monumental valley

| Altitude: 1 308 m / 4 291 ft

One of the most beautiful national parks in the world is the monumental valley of Zion. Above the bottom of… continue reading

Arches National Park

The most beautiful rock arches of the world

| Altitude: 1 473 m / 4 833 ft

Arches National Park is located north of the Colorado River near the provincial town of Moab. You will find… continue reading

Bryce Canyon National Park

Canyon full of fairytale towers

| Altitude: 2 332 m / 7 651 ft

Bryce Canyon despite its name is not a typical example of the classic canyon. It's basically a series of… continue reading

Monument Valley

The most famous rock formations of the world

| Altitude: 1 711 m / 5 614 ft

At Arizona and Utah there is probably the most typical „American West“ country, often referred to as the… continue reading

Goosenecks State Park

Amazing meanders of the San Juan River

| Altitude: 1 517 m / 4 977 ft

Not far from Mexican Hat, the San Juan River is making its way through the landscape of amazing meanders. The… continue reading

Goblin Valley State Park

Fairytale Valley of the Goblins in Southeast Utah

| Altitude: 1 501 m / 4 925 ft

State Park in the southeastern part of Utah, which is not as popular as the more famous parks of the West of… continue reading

Capital Reef national park

The region of rocks and petroglyphs

| Altitude: 1 755 m / 5 758 ft

Capital Reef National Park is one of the most extensive parks. It offers all of Utah's classic rock beauty:… continue reading

Castle Valley

Valley of rock giants

| Altitude: 1 332 m / 4 370 ft

Near the east of the regional city of Moab (a large center of tourism, mainly thanks to the nearby Arches… continue reading

Lake Powel

The most beautiful dam lake in USA

| Altitude: 1 096 m / 3 596 ft

Powel Lake was created by flooding the spectacular Glenn Canyon in Utah and Arizona. Nowadays, the lake has… continue reading

Utah State Route SR128

Road leading through Colorado Canyon

| Altitude: 1 253 m / 4 111 ft

Utah State Route 128 is one of the most beautiful scenic wild west roads. It runs virtually along its length… continue reading

Valley of the Gods

Small Monument Valley

| Altitude: 1 454 m / 4 770 ft

Valley of the Gods located in Utah is such a small but very beautiful analogy to the famous Monumnet Valley.… continue reading

Canyonlands National Park

The gigantic canyons area

| Altitude: 1 812 m / 5 945 ft

The area of Canyonlands in Utah is for someone really to bleak and lifeless. It's actually a combination of… continue reading

Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park

Pink desert

| Altitude: 1 791 m / 5 876 ft

This park is located in Utah and was created by erosion of pink-colored sandstone due to the local wind and… continue reading

Utah State Route SR9

Road to Zion National Park

| Altitude: 1 625 m / 5 331 ft

Zion Valley is definitely one of the most beautiful national parks in the USA. If you go to the road number 9… continue reading

Snow Canyon State Park

Park in the Red Mountains

| Altitude: 1 098 m / 3 602 ft

This inconspicuous park near St. George is the gateway to the pearls of Utah. Snow Canyon has been inhabited… continue reading

Great Salt Lake

Lake in which it is not possible to drown

| Altitude: 1 279 m / 4 196 ft

The Salt Lake was first discovered by the Mormons, and its size was so great that they thought they had… continue reading


The seat of the ancient Indians

| Altitude: 1 586 m / 5 203 ft

If you are at least a bit interested in the history of the original inhabitants of North America, be sure to… continue reading

Cisco Ghost Town

Typical abandoned ghost town

| Altitude: 1 331 m / 4 367 ft

Cisco is definitely not a classic place in the list of the most beautiful places, but rather an interesting… continue reading

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