The most beautiful places in Arizona

The best of Arizona

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The most beautiful places in Arizona
Inserted: 26.04.2020

Arizona is a state bordering, for example, Mexico, California and Utah. It is a huge semi-desert state, where you will find a number of very beautiful places. There are many canyons, including the most famous in the world – the Grand Canyon, or an inexhaustible number of strange rock formations. Let's take a look at the most beautiful places that Arizona has to offer.

Grand Canyon

The most famous canyon in the world

| Altitude: 2 098 m / 6 883 ft

When you say the canyon, so almost everyone can think of the most famous in the world – the Grand Canyon… continue reading

Monument Valley

The most famous rock formations of the world

| Altitude: 1 711 m / 5 614 ft

At Arizona and Utah there is probably the most typical „American West“ country, often referred to as the… continue reading

Antelope Canyon

The most photogenic canyon in the world

| Altitude: 1 354 m / 4 442 ft

Not far from the town of Page you will find one huge natural attraction – Antelope Canyon. It's basically… continue reading

Horseshoe Bend

The largest horseshoe in the world

| Altitude: 1 288 m / 4 226 ft

Not far from the town of Page, Arizona is one of the natural wonders and one of the most photographed places… continue reading

Canyon de Chelly

Canyon of Navajo Tribe

| Altitude: 1 725 m / 5 659 ft

The National Monument Canyon de Chelly is very beautiful, yet relatively less well-known. The most famous… continue reading

Painted Desert

Colorful desert near the petrified forest


At the northern end of the Petrified Forest National Park you will find an extensive area called Painted… continue reading

Petrified Forest National Park

The famous petrified forest in Arizona


Petrified Forest National Park is the best example in the world of how a tree can become a beautiful stone.… continue reading

Lake Powel

The most beautiful dam lake in USA

| Altitude: 1 096 m / 3 596 ft

Powel Lake was created by flooding the spectacular Glenn Canyon in Utah and Arizona. Nowadays, the lake has… continue reading

U.S. Route 163

Where Forrest Gump stopped

| Altitude: 1 571 m / 5 154 ft

The name of the road tells no one, but the story of Forrest Gump does. Here was a movie scene where Forrest… continue reading

Mohave lake

Lake in Mojave Desert

| Altitude: 195 m / 640 ft

South of Las Vegas, the Colorado River is dammed by the Davis Dam. Thanks to it, Lake Mohave could be formed… continue reading


Interesting city on Route 66

| Altitude: 821 m / 2 694 ft

The historic Route 66 linking Chicago to Los Angeles is probably the world's most famous road. Especially… continue reading

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