The most beautiful monuments of Bratislava

The best of Bratislava

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The most beautiful monuments of Bratislava
Inserted: 27.09.2022
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Bratislava, as the largest and capital city of Slovakia, offers a number of interesting sights. The icon of the city is, of course, the local castle, which towers over the historic center. Then there are some picturesque squares, monasteries and churches. Let's take a look at the most interesting places in Bratislava.

Bratislava Castle

The most famous panorama of Bratislava

Altitude: 204 m / 669 ft

Bratislava Castle is undoubtedly one of the most famous Slovak symbols and an unmissable building in… continue reading

The main square

The heart of Bratislava

| Altitude: 139 m / 456 ft

The square is located in the Old Town. It is a central square and one of the most famous in Bratislava. It is… continue reading

St. Martin's Cathedral in Bratislava

The most important church monument in Bratislava

Altitude: 145 m / 476 ft

St. Martin's Cathedral in Bratislava is one of the largest churches in Slovakia. It is the most important… continue reading

Slovak National Theater

Historical building

| Altitude: 141 m / 463 ft

It is a Neo-Renaissance building on Hviezdoslav Square. The building was built by Viennese architects… continue reading

Hviezdoslav Square

The largest in Bratislava

| Altitude: 140 m / 459 ft

It is one of the most famous squares in Bratislava, located on the left bank of the Danube between the SNP… continue reading

Michalská Gate

Entry into history

| Altitude: 151 m / 495 ft

Michalská Gate is the only preserved gate out of the original four in Bratislava's city fortifications, named… continue reading

Franciscan monastery in Bratislava

Altitude: 141 m / 463 ft

Almost the entire northeastern part of the Franciscan Square in the Old City of Bratislava is occupied by the… continue reading

Bratislava UFO

Dominant bridge of the Slovak National Uprising

Altitude: 137 m / 449 ft

UFO is essentially a modern observation tower, 95 meters high, towering above the huge bridge of the Slovak… continue reading

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