The most beautiful Austrian mountain valleys

The most beautiful valley of the Austrian Alps

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The most beautiful Austrian mountain valleys
Inserted: 14.09.2022
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Alpine valleys are the most picturesque parts of the mountains and the starting point for all hikes. In Austria, you will find several very beautiful mountain valleys, including the largest – the valley of the river Inn. Let's see which Alpine valleys in Austria are definitely worth a visit.


Inn River Valley

Altitude: 616 m / 2 021 ft

The largest Austrian mountain valley is the Inntal. The mighty Inn River originates in Switzerland, not far… continue reading

Zillertal valley

The center of the Zillertal Alps

Altitude: 560 m / 1 837 ft

The beautiful Zillertal Valley is the heart of the Zillertal Alps. The mighty Ziller River itself flows about… continue reading


The longest alpine side valley in Austria

Altitude: 1 173 m / 3 848 ft

The Ötztal is a nearly seventy kilometer long valley. It is the border between two important mountain groups… continue reading

He tickled

A picturesque valley in the west of Austria

Altitude: 982 m / 3 222 ft

At the very western end of Austria, you will find the picturesque Lechtal Valley to the north of the Lechtal… continue reading


The valley below the High Tauras

Altitude: 569 m / 1 867 ft

The Salzach River is the largest tributary of the magnificent Inn. The most visited and most beautiful part… continue reading


The beautiful valley of the Ruetz river

Altitude: 995 m / 3 264 ft

The Stubaital is a picturesque valley in the heart of the Stubai Alps. The Ruetz River flows through the… continue reading


The second largest valley in the Ötztal Alps

Altitude: 1 138 m / 3 734 ft

The Pitztal is a roughly forty kilometer long side valley in the center of the Ötztal Alps. It starts right… continue reading

Lois thought

The valley below Germany's highest mountain

Altitude: 963 m / 3 159 ft

The Loisachtal is a valley that starts in Austria, but its larger part is located in neighboring Bavaria. The… continue reading

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