From Muscat to Sur

A trip between the sea and the mountains

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From Muscat to Sur
Inserted: 23.02.2019
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From Muscat to Sur, it's only about 200 kilometers along the perfect highway, so if you hurry, you'll be there in a moment. But there are so many attractions near this route that you can count on at least two to three days before you get there. You will see an interesting coastline in the Bandar al Khiran Protected Area, the impressive Wadi Dayqah Dam, the famous Wadi Ash Shab and Wadi Tiwi gorges and, of course, the unique bathing hole in Bimmah Sinkhole.

1 day

On the first day you will have a ride around the coast with the opportunity to swim several times on semi-deserted beaches. From Muscat, take the old road first to the town of Al Bustan with its beautiful beach. Another option for swimming is in Yity. End the morning in the Bandar Khayran Protected Area. In the afternoon, take the shortcut through the Wadi Mayh Valley to the highway and drive to Oman's most famous dam, Wadi Dayqah.

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Road to Wadi Dayqah

After passing Wadi Mayh, we connect to the highway, which the road quickly runs through. In addition, there is light traffic. The peculiarity of the Omani highways is that there are lamps along their entire length, so they are illuminated at night. After a 60-kilometer drive, near the town of Queyrat, we descend in the direction of Wadi Dayqah. The last 20 kilometers and one larger town await you on the way, where it is possible to buy supplies.

Road to Wadi Dayqah
Author: Petr Liška ©
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Day 2

The next day is the turn of hiking and exploring the beautiful local canyon – Wadi. Along the way, it pays to freshen up in the amazing half-cave Bimmah. If you have more time it is definitely worth spending a day more here and exploring both gorges in more detail. Anyway, it's only 40 kilometers from Tiwi to Sur

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