El Choro trek

Over Andes along the Inca trail

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El Choro trek
Inserted: 29.11.2014
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The most famous Bolivian trek leading along the old inca trail is El Choro. Within just a few days you pass several vegetation bands from Altiplano upland plateau, through the main Andean ridge overlooking the glacier-covered mountains, alpine meadows with scanty vegetation, misty Yungas to sultry jungle with hummingbirds flying around. In addition, you will enjoy this trek virtually alone, because surprisingly very few tourists undertake it.  

Day 1

Crossing of the Andes

Already the first day of the trek is very rich in experiences and in changes of the landscape around you. After driving from La Paz to the pass Cumbre awaits you a short ascent to the mountain ridge and then for the rest of the day, just endless descent down.

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2 to 3 day

Walk in the jungle of Yungas

The second day of El Choro trek will certainly test your stamina. Although this phase is not longer than 20 km, but its profile and very hot muggy weather will soon tire you. On the third day awaits you final descent into Chairo, or rather to the road number 3.

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