What to do from La Paz

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What to do from La Paz
Inserted: 14.12.2017
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La Paz, the interesting capital of Bolivia, can serve you for many days as a perfect starting point for many trips not only to the nearby Cordillera Real

1 day

Tour of La Paz

One day is enough for your own city. There are also the best views from the edge of the valley and you will also return here from trips around

Day 2

Trip to Chacaltay and Moon Valley

The next day you can try your acclimatization with a light ascent to Mount Chacaltaya. In the afternoon, stroll through the Moon Valley in the southern suburbs of La Paz.

Ascent to Chacaltaya

Awesome view of Cordillera Real

| Altitude: 5 395 m / 17 700 ft

Mountain Chacaltaya (5 363 m asl) extending only 25 kilometers from the capital city of Bolivia La Paz, is… continue reading

Visit of Moon Valley

The power of erosion in full glory

| Altitude: 3 310 m / 10 860 ft

At the very southern and bottom end of La Paz is an interesting area of weathered rock towers aptly named… continue reading

Day 3

Downhill biking the famous Death Road

On the third day, arrange a bike trip along the famous Death Road. Almost always downhill from the icebergs to the misty Yungasu – an interesting experience

Bolivian death road

The most famous South American road

| Altitude: 2 451 m / 8 041 ft

If you want to get to Yungas region or to the Amazon from the Altipláno plateau, you always have a dangerous… continue reading

Day 4

A trip to the Palca canyon

On the fourth day, head to the magnificent Palca Canyon and admire the hundreds of rock towers.

A trip to the Palca canyon

Stone beauty with a view of Illimani

| Altitude: 3 518 m / 11 542 ft

Lots of natural beauty and spectacular geological formations so close to the city. This is the Palca Canyon… continue reading

Day 5 - 7

El Choro trek

If you want to walk some Inca trail, the El Choro trek is easily accessible from La Paz.

El Choro trek

Over Andes along the Inca trail

| Altitude: 4 900 m / 16 076 ft

The most famous Bolivian trek leading along the old inca trail is El Choro. Within just a few days you pass… continue reading

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