The most beautiful trips in Strážovské vrchy

What to see and visit in Strážovské vrchy

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The most beautiful trips in Strážovské vrchy
Inserted: 18.01.2021
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Strážovské vrchy can be found in western Slovakia. Compared to other mountains, it is not so visited, but it also offers a lot of interesting things. The ascents to Vápeč and Strážov are breathtaking. In addition, you will find the most interesting Slovak village – Čičmany and the most beautiful Slovak castle Bojnice.

Tour of Bojnice

Impressive castle, spa, parks ZOO

Altitude: 294 m / 965 ft

Bojnice is a spa town in central Slovakia about 1 km west of Prievidza. The first written mention of the town… continue reading

Ascent to Vápeč

Beautiful view in Strážovské vrchy

| Altitude: 897 m / 2 943 ft

Vápeč (956 m above sea level) is a Slovak mountain in Strážovské vrchy. It lies east of the village Horná… continue reading

A trip to Súľov Rocks

Or another world just outside Žilina

| Altitude: 377 m / 1 237 ft

Súľovské rocks are not particularly high, but due to their ruggedness and diversity of terrain, I would… continue reading

Tour of Čičman

Distinctive mountain village with a number of unique folk buildings decorated with unique

Altitude: 649 m / 2 129 ft

Čičmany is a mountain village in central Slovakia in the district of Žilina. It is a world-famous village… continue reading

Ascent to Strážov

Beauty of Strážovské vrchy

| Altitude: 1 213 m / 3 980 ft

Strážov is the highest peak of the Strážov Hills, which connect to Malá Fatra from the south, dividing… continue reading

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