The most beautiful trips in Delhi

What to visit in Delhi

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The most beautiful trips in Delhi
Inserted: 28.02.2021
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Delhi is a huge metropolis of northern India, which at first glance, apart from noise, bustle and dirt, does not offer much. However, you will find a number of breathtaking sights, especially from the Mughal era, which are really worth a visit. Let's see what all the interesting things to visit here

Visit of Jama mosque

The largest mosque in India

| Altitude: 220 m / 722 ft

Jama (Friday) mosque is the heart of old Delhi and along with the Red Fort the biggest tourist attraction. It… continue reading

Visit of Red Fort

Mughal palace and castles in one

| Altitude: 217 m / 712 ft

Mughal emperors ruled their empire from the Red Fort in central Delhi for more than two hundred years. This… continue reading

Visit of Humayun 's Tomb

Architectural jewel in the heart of Delh

| Altitude: 218 m / 715 ft

Hot, dirty and crowded Delhi usually drives all travelers away as quickly as possible, but there are also… continue reading

Visit Tombs in Lodhi gardens

Tombs in the center of Delhi

| Altitude: 220 m / 722 ft

Lodhi Gardens (sometimes called also Lodi) is one of the few pleasant green oases in the middle of hot Delhi… continue reading

Visit of Purana Qila

The oldest fort in Delhi

| Altitude: 220 m / 722 ft

Purana Qila = Old fort from the 16th century is located just a few hundred meters to the east of India Gate.… continue reading

A tour of the Khari Baoli market

The largest spice market in Asia

| Altitude: 228 m / 748 ft

In this article, we will look at one of the largest spice markets in the world – the Khari Baoli market,… continue reading

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