The most beautiful trips and tours in Guatemala

What to do in Guatemala

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The most beautiful trips and tours in Guatemala
Inserted: 31.08.2020

Guatemala is considered the most Indian country in Central America with immense natural beauty. Tourists are attracted here mainly by beautiful volcanoes, often still very active, beautiful Lake Atitlán and also amazing Mayan monuments. Volcano climbs are also one of the greatest experiences in this country. Let's see what to do in Guatemala for the best trips and tours

Night ascent to Acatenango volcano

Overlooking the raging Fuego

| Altitude: 3 616 m / 11 864 ft

The ascent to the volcano ** Acatenango ** should definitely not be missing from the list of a true… continue reading

Trip to Lake Atitlán - West side

Trip to volcanic lake

| Altitude: 3 020 m / 9 908 ft

Lake Atitlán is for sure one the most popular trips in Guatemala. Here you can stroll along the banks of the… continue reading

Visit of Tikal

Mayan town lost in the jungle

| Altitude: 320 m / 1 050 ft

Tikal is one of the most beautiful Mayan towns not only in Guatemala, but also in the Central America.… continue reading

The ascent to volcano San Pedro

King's view of Lake Atitlan

| Altitude: 3 020 m / 9 908 ft

The most accessible volcano near Lake Atitlan is San Pedro (3,020 m asl) monumentally towering above the town… continue reading

Ascent to Pacaya volcano

Volcanic hike with roasting marshmallow

| Altitude: 2 563 m / 8 409 ft

Half-day trip to the volcano „Pacaya“: […lkan-pacaya/], which has been… continue reading

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