The most beautiful places of Ladakh

The best of Little Tibet

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The most beautiful places of Ladakh
Inserted: 20.01.2017
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The highly-lying Buddhist part of India attracts more and more visitors each year. No wonder – you will find a unique culture and beautiful wonders of nature. Anyone who will visit Ladakh will rarely not come back soon.

Fotu la Pass

The highest point on the road Srinagar-Léh

| Altitude: 4 094 m / 13 432 ft

Fotu la Pass (4 094 m asl) is the highest pass on the long road from Kashmir to Ladakh. It lies in an… continue reading

Wakha Canyon

The canyon directly above Kargil

| Altitude: 2 752 m / 9 029 ft

Wakha is a significant tributary of the Sur River. In addition, its valley runs an important road from Kargil… continue reading

Taglang la Pass

The highest point of the road Manali-Leh

| Altitude: 5 328 m / 17 480 ft

Taglang la Pass (5 328 m asl) belongs among the three highest accessible road passes in Ladakh. It is also… continue reading

Khardung la Pass

False highest motorized pass in the worl

| Altitude: 5 359 m / 17 582 ft

Khardung la Pass (5 359 m asl) is probably the most famous Indian road pass, mainly due to the fact that it… continue reading

Chemrey Gompa Monastery

A picturesque monastery on a rock promontory

| Altitude: 3 650 m / 11 975 ft

Forty-five kilometres from Leh, on the way to the fairytale lake of Pangong tso, the picturesque Chemrey… continue reading

Hemis Gompa Monastery

Monastery high above Indus River

| Altitude: 3 697 m / 12 129 ft

The Hemis Gompa Monastery is one of the most famous in the surroundings of town of Léh. Monastery has a… continue reading

Likir Gompa Monastery

Monastery with a Giant Buddha

| Altitude: 3 721 m / 12 208 ft

Likir Monastery is worth visiting just for the giant statue of the sitting Buddha. Moreover, the surroundings… continue reading

Zoji la Pass

The toughest pass on the way to Ladakh

| Altitude: 3 528 m / 11 575 ft

If you are traveling to Ladakh from Kashmir or vice versa, you will have to crossed the Zoji la pass (3,528… continue reading

Shanti Stupa

Beautiful view of Leh

| Altitude: 3 640 m / 11 942 ft

Shanti Stupa was built in 1991, but even so it is very nice Buddhist building forming one of the main… continue reading

Drass Valley

Picturesque valley below the Himalayas

| Altitude: 3 077 m / 10 095 ft

The Dras River springs from the glaciers on the northern side of the Himalayas and flows through the… continue reading

Stok Kangri

Famous mountain near Leh

| Altitude: 6 153 m / 20 187 ft

Stok Kangri (6 153m above sea level) is perhaps the most famous, though not the highest, mountain of Ladakh.… continue reading

Lamayuru Gompa Monastery

Monastery with a famous festival

| Altitude: 3 510 m / 11 516 ft

On the main road linking Kashmir with Léh stands a significant pilgrimage site – the Lamayur monastery, high… continue reading

Kang Yatse

The Queen of Zanskar

| Altitude: 6 401 m / 21 001 ft

Kang Yatse (6,401m asl) / sometimes written as Kang Yisay / is probably the second most famous mountain in… continue reading


The capital city of Ladakh

| Altitude: 3 520 m / 11 549 ft

Leh (3,520m asl), the capital of Ladakh, lies above the Indus Valley on a tactical former trade route over… continue reading

Thiksey Gompa Monastery

The most famous monastery in Ladakh

| Altitude: 3 312 m / 10 866 ft

Ladakh is renowned for its beautiful Buddhist monasteries. Probably the most well-known and the most visited… continue reading

Markha valley

Ladakh Trek Classics

| Altitude: 3 436 m / 11 273 ft

In the beautiful Markha River valley, leads perhaps the most famous trek of the entire Ladakh. You will see… continue reading

Suru Valley

The most beautiful valley in Ladakh

| Altitude: 3 183 m / 10 443 ft

The valley of the Sur River is considered to be the most beautiful valley of the whole area of Ladakh. It is… continue reading

Zanskar Canyon

The rocky wilderness

| Altitude: 3 170 m / 10 400 ft

      One of the wildest canyons in the Himalayas is the one along the river Zanskar, the largest tributary… continue reading

Tso Moriri Lake

Beautiful lake on Changtang plateau

| Altitude: 4 522 m / 14 836 ft

Lake Tso Moriri (4,527m asl) is a large lake on the Changtang plateau stretching from Tibet to Ladakh. The… continue reading

Parkachik la pass

The most beautiful view of Nun and Kun

| Altitude: 4 000 m / 13 123 ft

Directly above the mighty bend of the Suru River is one of the most beautiful prospects which Ladakh offers.… continue reading

Pangong tso lake

Most beautiful lake in India

| Altitude: 4 250 m / 13 944 ft

On the border between India (Ladakh) and China (Tibet), is very beautiful Lake Pangong Tso (4250 m n. M.). It… continue reading

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