The most beautiful places in Tibet

The best of Tibet

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The most beautiful places in Tibet
Inserted: 19.03.2019
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Tibet offers plenty of beautiful places. There are dozens of temples, the Dzong Fortress and, of course, the breathtaking scenery of the highest upland plains of the world. In addition, the South is bordered by the highest mountain range in the world – the Himalayas. Come and see the most beautiful places Tibet offers

Potala Palce

The most famous monument in Tibet

| Altitude: 3 655 m / 11 991 ft

Potala Palace is the unmistakable symbol of Tibet in the capital of Lhasa. It is also a monastery and the… continue reading

Palcho Gompa

Gorgeous Monastery in Gyantse

| Altitude: 4 030 m / 13 222 ft

Palcho Gompa is a beautiful monastery located on the outskirts of Gyantse. The Kumbum is the largest stupa in… continue reading

Namtso Lake

Sacred Tibetan Lake

| Altitude: 4 729 m / 15 515 ft

Namtso (4,729m asl) /sometimes also written as Nam Co/ is the largest lake in the Tibetan Autonomous Republic… continue reading

Suge la pass

One of the world's highest road passes

| Altitude: 5 452 m / 17 887 ft

Suge la Pass (5,452m asl) is one of the world's highest motorized passes. You will find it in a deserted… continue reading

Jokhang Temple

The Most Holy Temple of Tibet

| Altitude: 3 658 m / 12 001 ft

The Jokhang Temple, located in the historic center of Lhasa in Barkhor Square, is considered to be the… continue reading

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