The most beautiful places in the Wadi Rum desert

The best of the Wadi Rum desert

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The most beautiful places in the Wadi Rum desert
Inserted: 12.02.2023
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The orange-colored desert of Wadi Rum, from which monumental table mountains rise, is probably the second most famous tourist spot (after Petra) in Jordan. Here you will find beautiful rock bridges and other formations, free-roaming camels and amazing sunrises and sunsets in Bedouin tents. Let's take a look at the most beautiful places in the Wadi Rum desert

Jebel Rum (1,734m)

Jordan's second highest mountain

Altitude: 1 734 m / 5 689 ft

For a long time, the highest mountain in Jordan was Jebel Rum (1,734m), rising right next to the village of… continue reading

Um Fruth Rock Bridge

Beautiful rock bridge in Wadi Rum

Altitude: 1 137 m / 3 730 ft

The Um Fruth Rock Bridge is one of the most beautiful rock bridges in the Wadi Rum desert. Opposite the rock… continue reading

Jebel Khazali (1,450m)

An imposing table mountain to the south of Wadi Rum village

Altitude: 1 127 m / 3 698 ft

Less than three kilometers south of the village of Wadi Rum is the vast desert plain of Khor al Ajram, which… continue reading

Jebel Umm Ishrin (1,733m)

A table mountain separating two wadis

Altitude: 1 312 m / 4 304 ft

Jebel Umm al-Ishrin (1,733m) is a high table mountain separating two large wadis in the Wadi Rum desert –… continue reading

Khazali Canyon

The most famous gorge in Wadi Rum

Altitude: 1 124 m / 3 688 ft

The last stop is the canyon in the Khazali table mountain. Sometimes water also flows from it, so at its… continue reading

The Seven Pillars of Wisdom

Rock formation in Wadi Rum

Altitude: 1 110 m / 3 642 ft

To the east is the famous rock formation „Seven pillars of Wisdom“, but in the early morning it is in a big… continue reading

The village of Wadi Rum

The center of the Wadi Rum desert

Altitude: 959 m / 3 146 ft

An oasis in the desert – the town of Wadi Rum (950m above sea level) is basically just a cluster of low… continue reading

Jebel Burdah

The mountain with the famous rock bridge

Altitude: 1 322 m / 4 337 ft

View of Burdah mountain with natural rock bridge. The ascent takes about three hours continue reading

Nabethean Temple

A remnant of an ancient civilization

Altitude: 979 m / 3 212 ft

The entire area of the Wadi Rum desert belonged to the historical Nabatean Kingdom. The Nabateans were a… continue reading

Petroglyph Map of Wadi Rum

The famous petroglyphs in the Wadi Rum desert

Altitude: 1 013 m / 3 323 ft

Another attraction of the Wadi Rum desert is the petroglyphs carved into the local mountains – the camel is… continue reading

Lawrence Spring

Water in the desert

Altitude: 1 044 m / 3 425 ft

After about twenty and a half minutes of pleasant walking, you are at your destination – at a small spring,… continue reading

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