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The most beautiful places in the Slavkov Forest

What to visit and see in Slavkov Forest

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The most beautiful places in the Slavkov Forest
Inserted: 22.12.2021
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Slavkov Forest is a mountain range located in the heart of the spa area of the Czech Republic. This protected area is crossed by the river Teplá and you will also find a lot of peat bogs in the center of this small mountain range. You will find a number of famous spa towns and beautiful castles and chateaux around the region.


The most visited spa town

Altitude: 374 m / 1 227 ft

The city of Karlovy Vary is located in western Bohemia, in the Karlovy Vary region named after this city. It… continue reading

Loket Castle

An impressive castle over the river Ohře

| Altitude: 417 m / 1 368 ft

Loket is a Roman-Gothic castle from the first half of the 13th century. It hovers over the river Ohře in the… continue reading

Mariánské lázně

The second largest spa town in Bohemia

| Altitude: 592 m / 1 942 ft

Marianske Lazne is the second most famous spa town in the Czech Republic after Charles Spa. The most… continue reading

View of the castle with the palace

The castle is high on the river Teplá

Altitude: 515 m / 1 690 ft

The road climbs to the city fortifications and the views of the castle are very nice continue reading


The city above the meander of the Ohře River

| Altitude: 415 m / 1 362 ft

Loket is a small town situated in a picturesque location above the meander of the Ohře River. Tourists often… continue reading

Kynžvart Chateaux

Headquarters of Chancellor Metternich

| Altitude: 587 m / 1 926 ft

Kynžvart Castle is built in the picturesque landscape of the Slavkov Forest. It is surrounded by a wide park… continue reading

Kladské peat bogs

Czech Finland

Altitude: 808 m / 2 651 ft

Kladské peat bogs lie on a plateau (at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level) in the central part of the… continue reading

Lookout tower Krásno

In the PLA Slavkovský les

| Altitude: 777 m / 2 549 ft

The romantic stone lookout tower on Krásenský vrch at an altitude of 777 m above sea level offers views of… continue reading

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