The most beautiful places in the Ötztal Alps

What to see in the Ötztal Alps

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The most beautiful places in the Ötztal Alps
Inserted: 24.11.2020
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The Ötztal Alps are considered to be the most glaciated Austrian mountain range. in addition to beautiful mountains and glaciers, you will also find interesting valleys, nice waterfalls and picturesque villages. Let's see what you definitely visit here


Mythical mountain

| Altitude: 3 606 m / 11 831 ft

Similaun (3 606 m asl) /sometimes also referred to as 3 599 m asl/ belongs among the highest and most popular… continue reading

Stuibenfall waterfall

The largest waterfall in Tyrol

| Altitude: 1 410 m / 4 626 ft

The Stuibenfall Waterfall, thanks to its height of 159 meters, is the largest waterfall in Tyrol. It consists… continue reading


The highest mountain in Tyrol

| Altitude: 3 774 m / 12 382 ft

Wildspitze (3 774 m asl) is the second highest mountain in Austria and the highest in Tyrol. Its… continue reading

Lake Gepatsch Stausee

The largest dam in the Ötztal Alps

Altitude: 1 772 m / 5 814 ft

Lake Gepatsch Stausee is by far the largest body of water not only in the Kaunertal valley, but also in the… continue reading


High tourist outlook

| Altitude: 3 455 m / 11 335 ft

Kreuzspitze (3 455 m asl) belongs among the most popular mountain destinations in Ötztal Alps thanks to its… continue reading

Timmelsjoch pass

Passo Rombo

| Altitude: 2 509 m / 8 232 ft

Timmelsjoch (2 509m) is the highest road pass in Austria / some sources also indicate a height only (2 474m… continue reading

Rifflesee Lake

The most beautiful lake in Pitztal

| Altitude: 2 234 m / 7 329 ft

Rifflesee (2 234m asl) is the largest and most renowned lake in the Pitztal. Thanks to the fact that the… continue reading

Kaunertal Glacier Road

Road leading to the glacier

Altitude: 2 743 m / 8 999 ft

Kaunertal Gletscherstraße is one of the highest roads in the Alps leading up to a height of 2,750 meters. It… continue reading

Gepatschferner Glacier

The second largest glacier in Austria

Altitude: 2 954 m / 9 692 ft

The end of the Kaunertal valley is filled by the mighty Gepatschferner Glacier, which is the second largest… continue reading

Ötztaler Gletscherstraße

The highest asphalt road in Austria

Highest altitude asphalt road in Austria leads from Pitze (1420 m asl) (first village above Sölden) up for… continue reading

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