The most beautiful places in the Baltics

The best of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia

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The most beautiful places in the Baltics
Inserted: 19.03.2022
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On the east coast of the Baltic Sea you will find three small states – Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. The name of the Baltic Republic has been adopted for the whole area and most visitors will visit all three of these republics in one trip. Interesting places definitely include the capitals of these republics, beautiful lakes and the shores of the Baltic Sea


Capital of Estonia

| Altitude: 12 m / 39 ft

The port city of Tallinn is the capital of Estonia and the most beautiful city of the Baltic. It has less… continue reading


The capital of Latvia

| Altitude: 16 m / 52 ft

Riga is the capital of Latvia and with 750,000 inhabi­tants, the largest city in the whole Baltic region. It… continue reading


Capital of Lithuania

| Altitude: 103 m / 338 ft

Vilnius is located at the confluence of the Neris and Vilnius rivers. The city has half a million inhabitants… continue reading

Lahemaa National Park

The most beautiful national park of Estonia

Altitude: 4 m / 13 ft

In the north of Estonia you will find the beautiful Lahemaa National Park. Its northern part is seaside with… continue reading

Lake Peipsi

The fifth largest lake in Europe

Altitude: 28 m / 92 ft

In eastern Estonia, you will find Lake Peipsi, the fifth largest in Europe. Its eastern part already belongs… continue reading

Kryžių kalnas - Mountain of Crosses

The holiest place in Lithuania

Altitude: 96 m / 315 ft

The Mountain of Crosses is an artificially built hill on which thousands of crosses are erected. It is the… continue reading


An island where you can come by ice


Estonian island with beautiful lighthouses, the most impressive of which stands on the highest point of the… continue reading

Jägala Waterfall - Jägala juga

The most beautiful waterfall in Estonia

Altitude: 31 m / 102 ft

About 25 kilometers east of the capital of Estonia – Tallinn is the most famous Estonian waterfall Jägala… continue reading


The second largest city in Estonia

Altitude: 39 m / 128 ft

In the southeast of Estonia is the city of Tartu, the second largest city in the state. The oldest Estonian… continue reading


The largest Estonian island


The limestone island is flat as befits a Baltic island, the highest point is only 54 m. Nature has the main… continue reading

Beach in Pärnu

Beach in the famous Estonian resort

Altitude: 2 m / 7 ft

Pärnu is a famous Estonian resort with a long sandy beach. It is also a spa town. There are also several… continue reading

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