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The most beautiful places in Pilsen

The best of the Pilsen Region and West Bohemia

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The most beautiful places in Pilsen
Inserted: 10.07.2023
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Western Bohemia, or the part of it that falls into the Pilsen region, offers a number of really beautiful places. There is a large number of unusually monumental monasteries. A whole series of castles and chateaux and, of course, picturesque towns. Let's take a look at the beautiful places in Pilsen that you shouldn't miss.

Inside the old brewery

Metropolis of Western Bohemia

Altitude: 312 m / 1 024 ft

Wonderful setting of an old brewery. continue reading

Peace Square in Domazlice

Chodské center

Altitude: 432 m / 1 417 ft

The dominant feature of náměstí Míru in Domažlice is the sloping white town tower, which is adjacent to the… continue reading

Peace Square in Klatovy

In the West Bohemian monument zone

Altitude: 417 m / 1 368 ft

Náměstí Míru in Klatovy can be found in the very center of the city. The square is also part of the city's… continue reading

Rábí Castle

The most massive Czech castle

| Altitude: 508 m / 1 667 ft

Rábí Castle is considered to be the most massive Czech castle. Generally known became because here the famous… continue reading

Švihov Water Castle

A beautiful water castle in West Bohemia

Altitude: 375 m / 1 230 ft

Švihov is a beautiful Gothic water castle. It is protected by the state as a national cultural monument.… continue reading

Horšovský Týn Castle and Chateau

The most important monument of Horšovské Týn

Altitude: 387 m / 1 270 ft

The small town of Horšovský Týn can be proud of the fact that it belongs to the urban conservation area. Its… continue reading

Monastery of Mariánská Týnice

One of the most beautiful monasteries in West Bohemia

Altitude: 472 m / 1 549 ft

In the small village of Mariánský Týnec you will find the magnificent baroque monastery Mariánská Týnice. Its… continue reading

Manětín Castle

The most important monument in Manětín

Altitude: 415 m / 1 362 ft

Only 30 kilometers north of the regional city of Pilsen is the picturesque town of Manětín. Its most… continue reading


A small town with a fairytale square

One of the lesser-known architectural gems of the Czech Republic is the town of Úterý (named after the day of… continue reading

Plasy Monastery

The largest monastery in Western Bohemia

Altitude: 325 m / 1 066 ft

The Plasy Cistercian Monastery is an example of extensive Baroque church construction. A number of buildings… continue reading

Flooded basalt quarry Hradišťský vrch

A beautiful natural swimming pool in Western Bohemia

Altitude: 575 m / 1 886 ft

The flooded basalt quarry Hradišťský vrch became a famous natural swimming pool with romantic surroundings… continue reading

Klenová castle and chateau

Altitude: 530 m / 1 739 ft

To the southwest of Klatov is the beautiful ruin of Klenová Castle. It is located on the hill of the same… continue reading

Kladruby Monastery

An impressive monastery to the west of Pilsen

Altitude: 406 m / 1 332 ft

To the west of the regional city of Pilsen, you will come across the impressive Kladruby monastery from the… continue reading

Bezdruzi castle

The most important monument of Bezdružice

Altitude: 601 m / 1 972 ft

On the hill above the square stands the Bezdružický castle, which was built as early as 1330. It is an… continue reading

Nyrsko water reservoir

A dam in the north of Šumava

Altitude: 520 m / 1 706 ft

In the southern tip of the West Bohemian Region, you will come across the nice water reservoir Nýrsko. It… continue reading

ZOO Pilsen

A zoological and botanical garden in one

Altitude: 318 m / 1 043 ft

The zoo in Pilsen is one of the largest in the Czech Republic. It is located on the side of a hill, so you… continue reading

Constantine's Spa

Small West Bohemian spa surrounded by forests

Altitude: 530 m / 1 739 ft

About 40 km northwest of Pilsen is the only spa in the Pilsen region – Konstantinovy Lazne. This small spa… continue reading

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