The most beautiful places in Israel

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The most beautiful places in Israel
Inserted: 17.09.2022
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Israel is a country full of biblical monuments located in places where the trade routes between Africa and Asia crossed. Apart from the monuments, you will find the vast Negev desert, the famous Dead Sea and also a piece of the Red Sea coast. Let's take a look at the most beautiful places in Israel that are definitely worth a visit.


City at the junction of continents

| Altitude: 761 m / 2 497 ft

Jerusalem is a city with a long and turbulent history. Nowadays, both the Jews and the Palestinians claim it… continue reading

Dead Sea

Deepest depression of the world

| Altitude: -415 m / -1 362 ft

The Dead Sea (- 415m) is an extremely salt lake and at the same time the deepest depression. From the Israeli… continue reading

The Dome of the Rock

The most remarkable monument of Jerusalem

| Altitude: 745 m / 2 444 ft

The Dome of the Rock is a Muslim sanctuary located on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. It is the third most… continue reading

Negev desert

The desert heart of Israel

Altitude: 638 m / 2 093 ft

The Negev desert occupies almost 70% of the area of Israel. It is very dry, inhospitable and mountainous. The… continue reading

Mt. Shlomo (705m)

Amazing view of Eilat

Altitude: 665 m / 2 182 ft

Mt. Shlomo is the highest mountain around Eilat, so it provides an amazing circular view. From the top of the… continue reading

Masada fortress

The most famous fortress in Israel

Altitude: -244 m / -801 ft

The remains of the ruins on the table mountain – Masada fortress continue reading

Jordan Valley

Valley of the Sacred River

| Altitude: -305 m / -1 001 ft

The Jordan River Valley forms the border between Jordan, Israel and Palestine. This sacred fertile valley is… continue reading


Israel's southernmost city

Altitude: 41 m / 135 ft

In the very south of Israel you will find the city of Eilat – a vast recreation center with many hotels,… continue reading

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