The most beautiful places in Bolivia

Wonderful places from mountains to jungle

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The most beautiful places in Bolivia
Inserted: 29.10.2016
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Bolivia, thanks to huge changes in altitude, offers a variety of beautiful and unique places. From volcanoes and lagoons in the Altiplano plateau to the endless Amazon forest. Above that is here an interesting rock towns and high mountains.


The most beautiful volcano in the world

| Altitude: 6 342 m / 20 807 ft

Among the most beautiful volcanoes of Bolivia and the whole world, there is, by a white cap decorated,… continue reading

Laguna Colorada

The most beautiful lake of Bolivia

| Altitude: 4 290 m / 14 075 ft

Red Laguna Colorada belongs among one of the biggest attractions of this part of Bolivia. You will admire… continue reading

Titicaca Lake

The most famous lake in South America

| Altitude: 3 820 m / 12 533 ft

This fabulous lake is situated at an altitude of 3 820 meters above sea level. It is often stated as the… continue reading


Volcanic lighthouse over lagoon Verde

| Altitude: 5 960 m / 19 554 ft

One of the most typical Bolivian scenery is the view from the lagoon Verde of volcano Licancabur (5 960 m asl… continue reading

Laguna Chiar Khota

Lake with fabulous views

| Altitude: 4 998 m / 16 398 ft

Laguna Chiar Khota (4998m above sea level) is the highest lake you can see on the Lagunas de Altura classical… continue reading

Salar de Uyuni

The biggest salar in the world

| Altitude: 3 660 m / 12 008 ft

Salar de Uyuni is the largest salt desert on the earth. It is, for example, twice larger than famous Great… continue reading

Bolivian death road

The most famous South American road

| Altitude: 2 451 m / 8 041 ft

If you want to get to Yungas region or to the Amazon from the Altipláno plateau, you always have a dangerous… continue reading

El Silar

Bolivian Bryce canyon

| Altitude: 3 350 m / 10 991 ft

The most beautiful part of the valley Palca is a vast rock town of El Silar. Hundreds of eroded rock towers… continue reading


The heart of the Bolivian wild west

| Altitude: 2 965 m / 9 728 ft

The city of Tupiza itself is not a complete attraction for tourists. The amazing landscape of colorful rocks… continue reading

Desert Desierto de Dali

Desert between pastel volcanoes

| Altitude: 4 700 m / 15 420 ft

High mountain desert measuring about 10×10km surrounded on three sides by volcanoes abounding with pastel… continue reading


The starting point for Cordillera Real

| Altitude: 2 701 m / 8 862 ft

The city of Sorata boasts with an absolutely stunning location between sharp ridges just off the mighty peaks… continue reading

Palca Canyon

A bizarre canyon full of rock formations

| Altitude: 3 660 m / 12 008 ft

Just a short distance to the east of the largest city of Bolivia La Paz is another natural wonder – the… continue reading

Fumaroles Sol de Maňana

Devil's cauldron

| Altitude: 4 870 m / 15 978 ft

The biggest „volcanic“ attraction on the entire salar tour are smoking fumaroles Sol de Maňana at a height of… continue reading

Cacti at Isla Incahuasi

Gigantic cacti at salar

| Altitude: 3 712 m / 12 178 ft

Stop on the „island“ Inca Huasi lying on an immense salar de Uyuni is a great experience, mainly due to the… continue reading

Pampas del Yacuma

Bolivian Pantanal

| Altitude: 166 m / 545 ft

Amazon Basin does not provide only an impenetrable jungle, but also the vast pampas full of animals. The… continue reading

Laguna Hedionda

Lagoon full of flamingos

| Altitude: 4 119 m / 13 514 ft

Lagoon Hedionda is one of the most beautiful ones out of the six lagoons lying close together on the way from… continue reading

Maididi National park

A little different Amazon

| Altitude: 275 m / 902 ft

From the provincial town of Rurrenabaque, located at the southern end of the Amazonian Basin, you can go on a… continue reading

Sun Island

Sacred island on Lake Titicaca

| Altitude: 4 031 m / 13 225 ft

The Incas, according to the ancient legends, determined their origin from the island of the Sun, located on… continue reading

Zongo pass

Pass under Huayna Potosí

| Altitude: 4 764 m / 15 630 ft

Only a short distance from La Paz is the Zongo Pass (4,764 meters above sea level). Just below the pass is… continue reading

La Paz

The largest city of Bolivia

| Altitude: 3 652 m / 11 982 ft

The city of La Paz is the largest and, in fact, the capital of Bolivia (but by the constitution is the… continue reading

Apacheta Chucura Pass

The highest point of El Choro trek

| Altitude: 4 870 m / 15 978 ft

Pass Chucura Apacheta (4 870 m asl) is the highest point of the trek on the ancient Inca trail El Choro. Up… continue reading

Copacabana town

Picturesque little town on Lake Titicaca

| Altitude: 3 860 m / 12 664 ft

The Bolivian Copacabana, often confused by the famous beach of Rio de Janeiro, is a nice town on Lake… continue reading


The former world's highest ski slope

| Altitude: 5 363 m / 17 595 ft

Chacaltaya is basically not very interesting mountain. Rather, it's just such a lackluster peak. What makes… continue reading


The most important Bolivian ruins

| Altitude: 3 858 m / 12 657 ft

Just a short distance from Lake Titicaca there are the most remarkable Bolivian ruins – Tiwanaku, the former… continue reading

City of Sucre

Capital of Bolivia

| Altitude: 2 809 m / 9 216 ft

According to the Constitution, Sucre is the capital of Bolivia, but it is by far the largest or the most… continue reading

Lookout from Sandillani settlement

View of the entire El Choro trek

| Altitude: 1 994 m / 6 542 ft

The Sandillani settlement is not only the place where you camp in second day of the El Choro trek, but also a… continue reading


Silver City

| Altitude: 3 991 m / 13 094 ft

The city of Potosí was famous for its giant amount of silver, which was extracted from Cerro Rico. Thanks to… continue reading

The Moon valley in La Paz

An interesting rock town in the capital city

| Altitude: 3 305 m / 10 843 ft

One of the few tourist attractions in La Paz is the interesting rock town of Vall de la Luna „Moon Valley“.… continue reading

Church of San Cristobal

Famous church

| Altitude: 3 766 m / 12 356 ft

The church in San Cristobal is one of the most famous in Bolivian Altiplano. He is famous for the strangely… continue reading

Cerro Rico

Mountain full of silver

| Altitude: 4 782 m / 15 689 ft

Cerro Rico „rich mountain“ is dominating the city of Potosi and it was the largest source of silver for… continue reading

Cemetery train

Remnants of Bolivian train rush

| Altitude: 3 675 m / 12 057 ft

At the southern end of the dusty, cold and windy Uyuni is a unique set of trains and locomotives, the so… continue reading

The picturesque church in Sajama

The most significant monument in the Sajama Nation

| Altitude: 4 245 m / 13 927 ft

The most significant and unique monument in the village and the entire Sajama National Park is picturesque,… continue reading

Rock formation Arbol de Piedra

Rock mushroom on Altiplano

| Altitude: 4 800 m / 15 748 ft

Arbol de Piedra is the most famous rock formation on the southwestern Bolivian Altiplano. Each of off road … continue reading

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