The most beautiful canyons of the world

The most beautiful canyons of the world

The impressive cuts to the earth's surface

Canyons belongs to the most monumental natural wonders that can be seen on the earth. Thanks to the erosive power of water you can find on this planet a lot of impressive cuts in its surface.

Grand Canyon
36.054, -112.14
2 098 m / 6 883 ft

#1 Grand Canyon

The most famous canyon in the world

When you say the canyon, so almost everyone can think of the most famous in the world - the Grand Canyon located in Arizona. Not only is the best known but also the longest in the world (446 kilometers), one of the widest (500 m - 29 km). Deep is up to 1,600 meters.

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Hunza Valley
36.311, 74.648
2 059 m / 6 755 ft

#2 Hunza Valley

Valley through Karakoram

One of the most spectacular valleys of the world lies in northern Pakistan. Hunza river there broke through the main ridge of high Karakoram. You will see here one of the biggest elevation difference in the world between the top of the surrounding mountains and bottom of the valley.

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Bryce Canyon National Park
37.62, -112.167
2 332 m / 7 651 ft

#3 Bryce Canyon National Park

Canyon full of fairytale towers

Bryce Canyon despite its name is not a typical example of the classic canyon. It's basically a series of gigantic "amphitheaters" full of fairy rock towers on the eastern end of the Paunsaugunt Plateau, where individual river springs.

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The Yosemite Valley
37.746, -119.594
1 208 m / 3 963 ft

#4 The Yosemite Valley

Valley of granite giants

One of the most famous national parks of the world's is Yosemite National Park. Its center is the impressive The Yosemite Valley from both sides bordered by gigantic vertical granite walls.

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Tiger Leaping Gorge
27.258, 100.158
2 082 m / 6 831 ft

#5 Tiger Leaping Gorge

China's deepest gorge

Among the massive mountain ranges Haba and Jade Dragon Tiger Gorge is an impressive gorge. It is considered to be one of the deepest in the world (3790 m height difference).

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Rondu Canyon
35.59, 75.241
1 963 m / 6 440 ft

#6 Rondu Canyon

The most beautiful canyon of the Indus river

The river Indus (Sindhu) during its long journey through plateaus, Karakoram and Himalayas mountains flows through a lot of gorges and valleys. Perhaps the most beautiful of them is Ronda canyon separating Karakoram from the Himalaya.

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Fish River Canyon
-27.918, 17.489
209 m / 686 ft

#7 Fish River Canyon

Africa's largest canyon

Namibian canyon lying in the barren desert will offer the hotspring resort at its bottom and a unique 5-day trek.

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Waimea canyon
22.078, -159.67
1 007 m / 3 304 ft

#8 Waimea canyon

Grand Canyon of the Pacific

Grand Canyon of the Pacific is located in a small but probably the most beautiful Hawaiian island of Kauai. There is a road with lookouts on edge of the canyon. You can additionally hike on the bottom of the canyon.

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Colca Canyon
-15.605, -71.99
2 169 m / 7 116 ft

#9 Colca Canyon

One of the deepest canyons in the world

Colca Canyon, with its 3,270 meters of depth is one of the deepest canyons of the world. His character changes from narrow gorge to the relatively flat valley with lots of terraced fields. In this canyon lead a relatively challenging trek along the old Inca trails.

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Verdon canyon
43.763, 6.306
517 m / 1 696 ft

#10 Verdon canyon

Grand Canyon of Europe

Verdon Canyon (Gorge du Verdon) is one of the most beautiful canyons in Europe. Verdon river here carved a path in the vertical limestone walls of Provence and the Maritime Alps. This canyon is 21 km long, with a depth of up to 700 meters

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Dades Canyon
31.652, -5.843
2 029 m / 6 657 ft

#11 Dades Canyon

The most beautiful canyon in Morocco

Dades canyon, punching his way through the High Atlas mountains and the Jebel Sarhro, among the most beautiful canyons in North Africa. You will be amazed by arid massive walls and a green oasis around the life-giving water deep in the bottom of the canyon.

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36.128, -109.469
1 725 m / 5 659 ft


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Black Canyon of the Gunnison
38.575, -107.742
1 710 m / 5 610 ft

#13 Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Spooky-looking black canyon

Black Canyon of the Gunnison got its name due to the fact that in many places, the sunshine is just a few minutes during the day. Moreover, thanks to the rock in which it excavated operates really dark impression.

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Taroko Canyon
24.158, 121.622
85 m / 279 ft

#14 Taroko Canyon

Marble gorge

Taroko canyon is narrow sometimes only a few meters. Through it passes the Japanese military road through many tunnels. The canyon offers waterfalls, temples, brief outlook and "secret" treks.

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Zanskar Canyon
34.023, 77.198
3 170 m / 10 400 ft

#15 Zanskar Canyon

The rocky wilderness

      One of the wildest canyons in the Himalayas is the one along the river Zanskar, the largest tributary of the Indus in Ladakh. Above the river rise and steep rocky hillsides and over the summer it is impassable. In winter you can go through across the ice under the famous trek chadar.

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Canyonlands National Park
38.47, -109.74
1 812 m / 5 945 ft

#16 Canyonlands National Park

The gigantic canyons area

The area of Canyonlands in Utah is for someone really to bleak and lifeless. It's actually a combination of two main canyons - the Colorado River and Green River and numerous smaller ones.

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Kali Gandaki valley
28.691, 83.622
2 552 m / 8 373 ft

#17 Kali Gandaki valley

The deepest valley in the world

Kali Gandaki has a reputation of the deepest valley in the world. By the village Larjung (at an altitude of about 2550m asl) is valley nearly a kilometer-wide and doesn´t look like the canyon. But directly above him, however, rises eight-thousand Dhaulagiri which it exceeds about 5.5 km. The river at these locations intersects the main Himalayan ridge.

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Todra Gorge
31.588, -5.594
1 661 m / 5 449 ft

#18 Todra Gorge

The most famous Moroccan gorge

The most famous Moroccan gorge is Todra. The high rock walls here, up to three hundred meters above the river bottom, only ten meters wide. Apart from strolling along the road leading to the bottom of the gorge, it is also possible to take the trek to the mountains.

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38.258, 34.295
1 211 m / 3 973 ft


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Wadi Nakhr
23.205, 57.213
1 085 m / 3 560 ft

#20 Wadi Nakhr

Grand Canyon of Oman

Under the highest mountain of Oman you will find the most amazing canyon of this country - Wadi Nakhr. The surrounding walls are over 1000-1500 meters above the bottom of the canyon. Thanks to the surrounding countryside, the view from the canyon is truly breathtaking.

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Ordesa Canyon
42.635, -0.032
1 656 m / 5 433 ft

#21 Ordesa Canyon

The famous Pyrenean canyon

The center of the Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park is the beautiful Ordesa Canyon. You will find here the waterfalls, the steep canyon walls and the beautiful surrounding mountains.

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Lauterbrunnen Valley
46.594, 7.909
788 m / 2 585 ft

#22 Lauterbrunnen Valley

The most beautiful valley of Switzerland

The monumental Lauterbrunnen Valley and its surroundings are among the most beautiful places not only of Switzerland but of the whole world. Above the valley there are several hundred meters high mountain walls rise from which fall the highest waterfalls of Europe.

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63.779, -18.177
140 m / 459 ft


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