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Trip to Mala Skala

Bohemian Paradise and Jizera in one

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Trip to Mala Skala
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In the north, the Bohemian Paradise ends with a very beautiful area – Maloskalsko. The Jizera River crossed the Kozákov ridge here and created beautiful natural scenery. There are a number of hiking opportunities, but a classic and relatively simple trip leads through the Pantheon to the ruins of Frýdštejn Castle and possibly even higher to Kopanina.

Itinerary of a trip to Malá Skála

  • Pantheon: We will start the trip directly at the Jizera in Malá Skála and go up to the ruins of the rock castle Vranov (Pantheon) – Frýdštejn: From there we will continue up to the ruins of a nice castle Frýdštejn – Kopanina: Who has the taste and strength can continue to the highest hills far and wide – Kopanina, at the top of which there is a lookout tower – Bouček's farm: after returning back, walk through the picturesque Mala Skala, where the most important folk monument is Bouček's farm
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