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Trip to the Pyrenees

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Trip to Andorra
Inserted: 08.10.2019
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As a small state sandwiched between Spain and France, Andorra offers, thanks to its location, mainly mountain hiking and skiing in winter. You will create a basic view of the ground in just one day. If you want to conquer some of the local Pyrenees peaks, count on at least another two days

Places of interest in Andorra

You will not find many important monuments in Andorra. In the capital there is an interesting stone palace Casa de la Vall and the church of Sant Esteve. Next to the town of Encamp is the castle Castell de les Bons.

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Mountain hiking in Andorra

If you are already in Andorra, be sure to take a mountain climb. The ascent to the highest peak of the country, Coma Pedrosa, is classic. Another famous three peak massif is the Pic de Casamanya. The hike around the many lakes to the top of Pessons is wonderful

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Exit to the highest pass of the Pyrenees

Road to France

The crossing from Andorra to France via the Port d´Envalira is also interesting. In addition, you can take several other ascents from the pass, for example to Pic Maià (2,614 m above sea level) or to Pic d'Envalira (2,823 m above sea level)

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