Hiking in the valley Rofental

Hiking in the valley Rofental

Starting point to Wildspitze

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Time: 3 Days

Rofental valley in Ötztal Alps is popular mainly due to a variety of ascents you can undertake from it. In addition, the canyon of the stream Rofenache is very picturesque in itself. The starting point to the valley is at ski and tourist resort Vent. Within reach are another five mountain huts, from where you can set out to the surrounding peaks. The most tactical location has Hochjochh­ospiz lying in the heart of the valley, from where lead a great number of star-like hiking trails.

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Article: Hike Vent - Rofen - Hochjochhospiz

Walk in the valley Rofental

Very pleasant about 2-3 hour lasting walk from Vent to the intersection of hiking trails - Hochjochhospiz leads in a varied landscape of alpine meadows with views of the surrounding three thousand high greats and around wild canyon. Along the way there is a nice gasthof village Rofen - one of the highest located in Austria. The path is passable practically all year round, every time with new experiences.

Article: Ascent to Saykogel from the west

Above the glacier arena

Ascent to Saykogel is possible in two ways - either from the valley of Niedertal or Rofental. Most of the tourists do not make use of this not so common option in the high mountains and plan the circular trip not to have to return back through the same valley. So the mountain does not work just as a beautiful outlook point, but also as an interesting conjunction of hiking trails. Extreme tourists can do this circuit in a single day from Vent. However, most tourists walk in much more relaxing pace and spend in this area one to two nights. This photoreport describes the way from Hochjochhospiz to the pass where the path leading from the east to the top of the mountain joins.

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