Hiking in NP Lauca

In the shadow of Parinacota

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Hiking in NP Lauca
Inserted: 29.08.2014
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National Park Lauca is known for the breathtaking view across the lake Chungara of the volcano Parinacota (6 342 m asl) with a perfect cone and snow cap. Except for lake Chunagara you can also set out to altiplano hamlet of Parinacota and to interesting lagoon Cotacotani. You can also combine this trip with a trip to the neighboring National Park Sajama.  

Day 1

Journey to lake Chungara

The most beautiful and photogenic place throughout Lauca National Park is lake Chungara with volcano Parinacota. On its eastern shore leads international road number 4 connecting La Paz to Arica, and so it is easily accessible by public transport. In addition, tourists come here directly from Arica for one-day, so-called vomiting trip. After accommodating in the camp and exploring the shore of the lake set out to the volcano towering in the east of the lake.

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Ascent above the lake Chungara

Day 2

Walk around the village Parinacota

The second day move into the village of Parinacota, where you can see typical altiplano hamlet and pass an easy tourist circuit in the surroundings.

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Walk around the village of Parinacota

Another days

  • You set out from the lake Chungara for more challenging trek to the abandoned volcanoes Nevados de Quimsachata and try to ascend the highest of them Acotango (6 052 m asl).
  • From the village of Parinacota set out for a day trip to the lagoon Cotacotani and take in the number of islands and bays it contains.
  • If you want to see the beautiful eastern part of the area, cross the border and explore the National Park Sajama.

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