Hikes and mountain ascents in the Valais Alps

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Hikes and mountain ascents in the Valais Alps
Inserted: 27.03.2018
Author: Martin Jack Gregor © gigaplaces.com

The Valais Alps offer countless beautiful hikes and mountain ascents. The highest peak of the Valais Alps is Dufourspitze (4,634 m above sea level), but the biggest attraction of the whole mountain range is the beautiful Matterhorn mountain (4,478 m above sea level). Especially around Zermatt, you can make hiking easier with a number of trains and cable cars.

Tours from Zermatt

Classic base on the Matterhorn

Most of the most famous trips and tours in Wallis start in Zermatt. The main goal is the view of the famous Matterhorn

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Article: Hike Zermatt - Riffelsee - Gornergrat

The starting point of this tour is the town of Zermatt, from where most visitors leave the cogwheel. But we decided on a less… continue reading

Hike Zermatt - Riffelsee - Gornergrat
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Article: Lake path

The lake path around Zermatt with views of the Matterhorn is very popular. You can help yourself with the underground cable car… continue reading

Lake path
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Article: Ascent to the base camp below the Matterhorn

We took the cable car from Zermatt to Schwarzsee at 2583 m above sea level. Our journey continued with the descent to Zermatt… continue reading

Ascent to the base camp below the Matterhorn

Ascent to Breithorn

Zermatt is also a starting point for the lightest alpine four thousand – Breithorn.

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Article: Ascent to Breithorn

Breithorn (4,165 m above sea level) is considered to be the lightest alpine 4,000 m high. The massif itself has five peaks, the… continue reading

Ascent to Breithorn


A starting point for climbers

Sass-Fee is probably the second most popular resort in the Valais Alps after Zermatt. From here you can go to a number of peaks such as Allalinhorn, Alphubel, etc.

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Article: Allalin design

Ascents above Saas-Fee: Allalinhorn 4,027 m. – via HohlaubGletcher, surprisingly finally to the top and climbing … Strahlhorn 4… continue reading

Allalin design
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Article: Ascent to Alphubel

When you spend Christmas with your family in Saas-Fee, it is not such a problem to climb to 4,000. You will definitely climb… continue reading

Ascent to Alphubel
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