Rock gate in Gamla Hamn

Iconic rock gate called Dog

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Rock gate in Gamla Hamn
Inserted: 12.05.2021
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The rock gate in Gamla Hamn is iconic for the island of Fårö. Neighboring Gotland doesn't have that nice either. It stands in the sea near the shore, which greatly adds to its photogenicity – also due to the fact that there will be no people in the pictures. The whole area is worth seeing, as there are many limestone meadows, although they are not the most beautiful or the highest on the island. The name Gamla Hamn is derived from a port that was probably built here in the deep bay centuries ago by the Vikings. However, the port and the bay no longer exist today, as it was clogged and thus became part of the mainland. A nature reserve was established around this rock formation in 1930.

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