The most beautiful waterfalls of the world

The most beautiful waterfalls of the world

The biggest and most interesting waterfalls

Waterfalls are among the most beautiful natural wonders that can be seen on this planet. Some are impressing on the gigantic flow of water with thunder and a rainbow of water vapor. Others are interesting by fall of several hundred feet. The most beautiful of them, you should find in this review

Iguazu Waterfalls
-25.695, -54.437
180 m / 591 ft

#1 Iguazu Waterfalls

The most beautiful waterfalls in South America

Iguazu Falls are located on the of the same name river on the border of Brazil with Argentina. Iguazu are considered both the most beautiful waterfall in the world, but also the largest - decompose almost three kilometers wide and consist of around 275 individual parts. Waterfalls are worth visiting both the Argentinian and Brazilian sides. From brazil side, you will see Iguazu more panoramically. From the Argentine side you will stay more closer to waterfall and you can try more hiking trails.

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#2 Victoria Falls

The most famous waterfalls in Africa

Victoria Falls (Mosi-oa-Tunya) are one of the largest waterfalls in the world. The width of the waterfall is 1800 meters and the water falls from a cliff 120 m high in a narrow and deep basalt canyon. Flow rates during the year strongly fluctuate. Unfortunately, is divided between the two countries, thereby doubling visiting complications and prices.

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Dettifoss waterfall
65.815, -16.385
325 m / 1 066 ft

#3 Dettifoss waterfall

Europe's mightiest waterfall

Waterfall Dettifoss (100 m wide, 44 m high) in river Jökulsá is most massive European waterfall. Only a few hundred meters further down the basalt columns falls the smaller Selfoss and t Dettifoss Waterfall (100 meters wide, 44 meters high) on the river Jökulsá at the deserted north of Iceland is Europe's most massive waterfall. Only a few hundred meters further down is the smaller Selfoss waterfall and two kilometers further south to look out of the Hefragilsfoss waterfall.

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Niagara Falls
43.083, -79.074
170 m / 558 ft

#4 Niagara Falls

The most famous waterfalls of the world

Only 52 meters high waterfall at the Canadian-American border is considered the most famous and the most famous waterfall in the world. Better views of the 1,200 m long edge of the falls are rather from the Canadian side.

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Salto Angel waterfall
5.97, -62.536
1 500 m / 4 921 ft

#5 Salto Angel waterfall

The highest waterfall in the world

Waterfall Salto Angel falling nearly a kilometer from the table mountains in Venezuela is the highest waterfall in the world. It also belongs among the most beautiful of the world, mainly due to the magical nature around.

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Yosemite waterfall
37.757, -119.597
2 020 m / 6 627 ft

#6 Yosemite waterfall

Great attraction in Yosemite

Yosemite waterfall with a height of 739 meters are among the highest in the world. It is located in the heart of Yosemite National Park, renowned for its granite walls.

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Skogafoss waterfall
63.531, -19.511
100 m / 328 ft

#7 Skogafoss waterfall

Iceland Waterfall curtain

Skogafoss belongs to most photographed Icelandic waterfall, where water falls from former offshore cliffs. Today it is five kilometer far from the sea. From here leads trail over the pass to the valley Fimmvörðuháls Porsmork (about 23 kilometers altitude 1000 meters). You can see here amazing scenery and dozens of other waterfalls.

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Krimml Falls
47.208, 12.171
1 490 m / 4 888 ft

#8 Krimml Falls

Austria's most magnificent waterfall

Krimml Falls is a three-tier high waterfall of total high of 380 meters. Especially in spring, when snow melts in the mountains looks absolutely impressive. Not for nothing is regarded as the greatest natural attractions in all of Austria. You can walk along the waterfall on beautiful trail and enjoy your fill of all three stages.

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Caracol waterfall
-29.311, -50.855
640 m / 2 100 ft

#9 Caracol waterfall

Fairytale waterfall

Caracol waterfall is for foreign tourists relatively little known yet is considered after the Iguazú as the second most beautiful waterfall in Brasil. Water exceeds more than 130 meters into the local jungle. It is located in the Sierra Geral south of the country

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Ouzoud waterfall
32.015, -6.72
775 m / 2 543 ft

#10 Ouzoud waterfall

The fairytale waterfall of northwest Africa

More than 110 meters tall waterfalls Ouzoud in Morocco is a the most beautiful waterfall of northwest Africa.

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Latefossen waterfall
59.948, 6.585
300 m / 984 ft

#11 Latefossen waterfall

Double waterfall

Waterfall Latefossen is not only beautiful, but also quite original and interesting. This waterfall is split by mighty rock into two streams. Its height is placed 165 meters.

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Agua Azul waterfalls
17.259, -92.114
210 m / 689 ft

#12 Agua Azul waterfalls

Mexico's most famous waterfalls

Agua Azul are certainly the most famous Mexican waterfalls and almost all tourists traveling around the state of Chiapas omitts them. It's actually a system of cascades of different heights and widths on beautifully blue colored river. You can also have a swim in the pleasantly cold pools here.

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Gullfoss Waterfall
64.327, -20.12
199 m / 653 ft

#13 Gullfoss Waterfall

The golden waterfall

Gullfoss is located on the Hvita River. It falls in a double cataract into a two-kilometer long canyon set between the basalt-like organs. The first cataract is revealed completely, rolling 10 meters forward, then the river bends sharp at 90 degrees and falls another 20 meters into the shadow of the gorge. The waterfall is the nicest in the late afternoon, when the rays of the sun set on the water streams.

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Lower Falls Waterfall
44.718, -110.496
2 271 m / 7 451 ft

#14 Lower Falls Waterfall

Yellowstone icon

The nearly 100 meters high waterfall of Lower Falls is the famous Yellowstone icon and the second most photographed spot in the park after Old Faitful. A waterfall that gave this park its name thanks to the yellow canyon.

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Skradinski buk waterfall
43.806, 15.963
6 m / 20 ft

#15 Skradinski buk waterfall

The most beautiful Croatian waterfalls

On the Krka river you will find a number of waterfalls, the most famous of which is Skradinski Buk, which consists of many cascades. Apart from the beautiful swimming, there is also a nature trail

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