The most beautiful waterfalls in Austria

The best of Austria's waterfalls

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The most beautiful waterfalls in Austria
Inserted: 21.08.2022
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As an Alpine country, Austria offers a number of beautiful waterfalls. Some, such as Krimmelské or Grawa, are among the most beautiful and well-known in Europe. So let's take a look at the most beautiful waterfalls in Austria.

Krimmel waterfalls

The most spectacular waterfall in Austria

| Altitude: 1 490 m / 4 888 ft

Krimmel Waterfalls is a three-stage waterfall with a total height of 380 meters. Especially in spring, when… continue reading

Grawa waterfall

The most beautiful waterfall in Tyrol

Altitude: 1 608 m / 5 276 ft

The Grawa waterfall is considered the most beautiful waterfall in all of Tyrol. At the same time, it is also… continue reading

Stuibenfall waterfall

The largest waterfall in Tyrol

| Altitude: 1 410 m / 4 626 ft

The Stuibenfall Waterfall, thanks to its height of 159 meters, is the largest waterfall in Tyrol. It consists… continue reading

Häselgehrbach waterfall

Little known and yet beautiful waterfall near Ehrwald

Altitude: 948 m / 3 110 ft

About a kilometer and a half from the junction of the roads to Ehrwald and Lermoos, you will find the… continue reading

Gollinger waterfall

Romantic waterfall

| Altitude: 502 m / 1 647 ft

At the foot of the Kleine Göll mountain in the village of Golling an der Salzach you will find the very… continue reading

Untersulzbach waterfall

A waterfall flowing through a wild gorge

Altitude: 887 m / 2 910 ft

The Untersulzbachtal is a lesser-known and wilder valley winding from the famous Gross Venediger mountain (as… continue reading

Waldbachstrub Waterfall

Waterfalls on the river Waldbach above Hallstatt

Altitude: 794 m / 2 605 ft

Right next to the famous Hallstatt you will find the predatory river Waldbach flowing through a predatory… continue reading

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