The most beautiful valley of the Ötztal Alps

The most picturesque valley in the Ötztal Alps

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The most beautiful valley of the Ötztal Alps
Inserted: 20.08.2023
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The Ötztal Alps are among the most important Austrian mountain ranges. You will also find here the longest side valley in this alpine country. You can also find nice valleys on the Italian side of this mountain range. The most famous valley here is of course the Ötztal, but the other valleys are also very nice and worth a visit. So let's take a look at the most beautiful valley in the Ötztal Alps.


The longest alpine side valley in Austria

Altitude: 1 173 m / 3 848 ft

The Ötztal is a nearly seventy kilometer long valley. It is the border between two important mountain groups… continue reading


The second largest valley in the Ötztal Alps

Altitude: 1 138 m / 3 734 ft

The Pitztal is a roughly forty kilometer long side valley in the center of the Ötztal Alps. It starts right… continue reading

Langtauferer Tal - Vallelunga

Valley below the Weisskugel (3738 m)

Altitude: 1 872 m / 6 142 ft

The Langtauferer Tal valley is one of the most beautiful valleys of the Ötztal Alps on the Italian side of… continue reading


The third most famous valley of the Ötztal Alps

Altitude: 1 540 m / 5 052 ft

Kaunertal is somewhat in the shadow of better-known valleys such as Ötztal and Pitztal. However, it also has… continue reading

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