The most beautiful trips in Georgia

The best trips and tours in Georgia

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The most beautiful trips in Georgia
Inserted: 26.06.2018
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Georgia, as a mountainous Caucasian country, offers a number of beautiful treks and tours. But also beautiful trips to church monuments. Come and be inspired by beautiful trips from this country

Ushguli - the pearl of Georgia

The magical area of Svaneti

| Altitude: 2 119 m / 6 952 ft

Ushguli settlement, often referred to as the highest permanently inhabited village in Europe, is located in… continue reading

Hike under Kazbeg

Nice walk over Kazbegi to BC

| Altitude: 2 700 m / 8 858 ft

Even if you do not plan to climb the massive five thousand Kazbeg, you should definitely take a pleasant trip… continue reading

Hike to Koruldi Lakes

Blue pond with snowy peaks in the background

| Altitude: 2 738 m / 8 983 ft

Koruldi Lakes – a system of a few small lakes that hide in the Georgian mountains above the town of Mestia.… continue reading

Trek to Ushba Glacier

Road to the foot of Mount Ushba

| Altitude: 2 550 m / 8 366 ft

Ushba (Ušba) in the Georgian translation of „Road to the Unknown“ is a majestic mountain located in the… continue reading

Tour of Tbilisi

A city where Europe meets Asia

| Altitude: 607 m / 1 991 ft

Tbilisi is the capital of independent Georgia since April 9, 1991. However, its roots go back to the 5th… continue reading

Tour of Vardzie

Famous Georgian rock town

| Altitude: 1 327 m / 4 354 ft

One of the largest Georgian monuments is the rock town of Vardzia, which can be found in the south of the… continue reading

Hike through Chauki Pass

Trek from Jute to Roshka

| Altitude: 3 339 m / 10 955 ft

If you decide to continue further east from Juta, a beautiful trek across the Chauki Pass (approx. 3338 m) to… continue reading

A trip to the monastery of David Gareja

To the very end of Georgia

| Altitude: 705 m / 2 313 ft

Practically right on the border of Georgia with Azerbaijan you will find an interesting religious place – the… continue reading

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