The most beautiful trips in California

What to do and experience in California

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The most beautiful trips in California
Inserted: 14.11.2021
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California is the most populous and third largest state in the United States. It occupies most of the Pacific coast of the United States. For travelers, it is a very diverse state from the beaches of the Pacific to the high peaks of the Sierra Nevada. You will also find some of the most famous national parks in the western United States – Yosemite and Death Valley. Let's take a look at the most beautiful trips you can take in California.

A trip to Yosemite National Park

Park with the highest vertical rock wall in the world

| Altitude: 2 304 m / 7 559 ft

It is world famous for its magnificent granite rocks, waterfalls, redwood forests. When you say Yosemite Park… continue reading

Riding Through The Valley Of Death

To the lowest place in North America

| Altitude: -86 m / -282 ft

Just because of its menacing name Death Valley, aka Death Valley, attracts a lot of travelers to visit. In… continue reading

Tour of San Francisco

Windy city with golden bridge

| Altitude: 16 m / 52 ft

On your way to California, a state on the west coast of the United States, it is almost unthinkable for you… continue reading

Trip to Sequoia and Kings Canyons NP

The biggest of the biggest

| Altitude: 2 093 m / 6 867 ft

We visited this national park in California. What makes it special? It's because there are the largest trees… continue reading

Riding in Big Sur

Driving on the most famous coastal road in the USA

| Altitude: 159 m / 522 ft

The fastest route between San Francisco and Los Angeles is on the inland highway. However, if you have more… continue reading

Visit Los Angeles

Downtown, Walk of Fame, Hollywood, Santa Monica Beach

| Altitude: 87 m / 285 ft

The city of angels is full of experiences and places that every traveler would like to see. Choosing between… continue reading

A trip to Redwood National Park

Behind the tallest trees on Earth.

| Altitude: 44 m / 144 ft

Redwood National and State Parks (abbreviation RNSP) is a group of four parks in Northern California in the… continue reading

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