The most beautiful tours in Wroclaw

What to visit and see in Wroclaw

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The most beautiful tours in Wroclaw
Inserted: 09.07.2022
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Wroclaw is famous for its historic center with its huge square and picturesque town hall. The second excursion center of the city is the Tumski island with a number of churches. Let's see what tours and walks we can do in Wroclaw.

A walk along the Market Square in Wroclaw

A walk through the most beautiful part of Wroclaw

Altitude: 127 m / 417 ft

Wroclaw Market Square is the historical center of this city. The whole square is surrounded by beautiful town… continue reading

View from the tower of the Basilica of St. Elizabeth

The most beautiful view in Wroclaw

Altitude: 125 m / 410 ft

Right next to one of the most beautiful squares in Poland – the Main Market Square in Wroclaw is the… continue reading

Walk to Tum Island

Trip to the oldest part of Wroclaw

Altitude: 119 m / 390 ft

After the Wroclaw Market Square, Tumský ostrov is the second most visited part of the city. It was a real… continue reading

View of Wroclaw from the Pokutnice bridge

View from the famous viewpoint of the Cathedral of St. Mary Magdalene

Altitude: 123 m / 404 ft

Probably the second most famous viewpoint in the center of Wroclaw is from the Pokutnice Bridge, which is… continue reading

From Wrocław Rynek to Tumský ostrov

Walk along Via Regia in Wroclaw

Altitude: 123 m / 404 ft

Via Regia is a famous pilgrimage (formerly trade) route leading to Santiago de Compostela. In Wroclaw, you… continue reading

Wroclaw Zoo

The oldest zoo in Poland

Altitude: 117 m / 384 ft

Wroclaw Zoo is the oldest zoo in Poland, its biggest attraction today is the Afrykaruim Pavilion, which is a… continue reading

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