The most beautiful sights in Karakol

What to see in Karakol

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The most beautiful sights in Karakol
Inserted: 20.09.2021
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Karakol is a famous tourist and climbing resort in the northeast of Kyrgyzstan. In addition, there are quite a few historical monuments for Kyrgyz conditions. So before or after the trek you can go for a walk and admire the imperial architecture.

Wooden cathedral in Karakol

The largest monument in Karakol

| Altitude: 1 750 m / 5 741 ft

The wooden Orthodox cathedral in Karakol is considered its greatest monument. The church itself has quite a… continue reading

Dungan Mosque

Mosque with a Buddhist look

| Altitude: 1 730 m / 5 676 ft

Dungan Mosque is probably the second most important church building in Karakol. Due to its architecture, it… continue reading

Merchant's house

The largest historic house in Karakol

The last significant building in the old center is a huge merchant's house by local conditions. However, it… continue reading

Historical Museum in Karakol

Museum of regional significance

| Altitude: 1 750 m / 5 741 ft

If you have some time in Karakol you can also visit the local historical museum. It is located just a short… continue reading

Tsarist houses in Karakol

A classic from the Russian settlement of Kyrgyzstan

| Altitude: 1 750 m / 5 741 ft

In the old part of Karakol, north of the main street Toktogul, you will find a number of historic cottages… continue reading

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