The most beautiful places in the Salzkammergut

The best of the Salt Chamber

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The most beautiful places in the Salzkammergut
Inserted: 10.03.2022
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The Salzkammergut or Salt Chamber is one of the most beautiful areas in Austria. It is famous for its beautiful lakes, picturesque towns with a church and, of course, a number of interesting limestone mountains surrounded by alpine pastures. Everyone will really enjoy it here, as a lover of secured paths, tourists or families with children who love the crystal clear water in the local lakes. Let's take a look at the beautiful places in the Salzkammergut that are really worth a visit.

Traunsee Lake

The lake beneath the iconic mountain Traunstein

| Altitude: 397 m / 1 302 ft

Lake Traunsee is the easternmost large lake of Salzkammergut region. Due to its massive dominant – limestone… continue reading


A mountain between three lakes

Altitude: 1 780 m / 5 840 ft

View of the cable car station below the peak, Lake Wolfgangsee and the Dachstein in the background continue reading


The most famous village in Austria

| Altitude: 523 m / 1 716 ft

Hallstatt, situated between the mountains and the lake of the same name, belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage… continue reading

Wolfgangsee Lake

Lake in honor of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

| Altitude: 538 m / 1 765 ft

The Wolfgangsee is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Salzkammergut. It is named after one of the great… continue reading

Traunstein (1,691m)

Iconic mountain above Lake Traunsee

Altitude: 1 691 m / 5 548 ft

Traunstein (1,691 m) is a beautiful limestone mountain east of Lake Traunsee. Two secured paths lead to the… continue reading

Postalm Pastures

Pastures on the largest plateau in Austria

| Altitude: 1 207 m / 3 960 ft

South of the great lakes of the Salzkammergut you will find the largest plateau in Austria – Postalm. Thanks… continue reading

Mondsee Lake

The most famous lake of the Salzkammergut

| Altitude: 481 m / 1 578 ft

Due to the fact that the northern side of Lake Mondsee is directly on the A1 motorway and is visible to all… continue reading

Top part

Beautiful view of Wolfgangsee

Altitude: 1 502 m / 4 928 ft

Here you just need to manage a rocky ridge and I'm at the top of Mount Sparber 1502m. There is plenty of… continue reading

St. Wolfgang

One of the most beautiful cities of the Salzkammergut

Altitude: 539 m / 1 768 ft

Small church and luxury hotel in St. Wolfgang continue reading

Attersee Lake

The largest lake of the Salzkammergut

| Altitude: 468 m / 1 535 ft

Attersee (468m) is a large lake in the Salzkammergut (Austria's third largest). It is the perfect place for a… continue reading

Drachenwand (1176 m)

The famous mountain above Lake Mondsee

Altitude: 1 176 m / 3 858 ft

Drachenwand Mountain is a mountain of two faces. To the north its limestone walls fall perpendicular to… continue reading

Hoher Sarstein

Beautiful view of Lake Hallstätter See

Altitude: 1 975 m / 6 480 ft

After less than three hours, we reached the top. From the parking lot we boarded something around 1250m on a… continue reading

Gosausee lake

The most beautiful lake at Dachstein

| Altitude: 921 m / 3 022 ft

To the north of the famous Dachstein peak is one of the most beautiful lakes of the Salzkammergut – Gosausee.… continue reading

Hallstättersee Lake

Lake with Austria's most famous village

| Altitude: 508 m / 1 667 ft

Just to the north of the famous Dachstein limestone massif you will find the famous Hallstatt Lake. On its… continue reading

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