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The most beautiful places in the Rychleb Mountains

The best of the Rychleb Mountains

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The most beautiful places in the Rychleb Mountains
Inserted: 01.04.2023
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The Rychleb Mountains are somewhat in the shadow of the larger, better-known and more visited Hrubé Jeseník. Even so, they have a lot to offer. Here you will find not only abandoned mountain corners, but also beautiful caves, rock formations with viewpoints and healing springs. Let's take a look at the places that you should definitely visit in the Rychleb Mountains.

Cave On The Border

Altitude: 573 m / 1 880 ft

The Na Pomezí Cave is located 2 km north of the village of Lipová lázně in the Rychlebské Mountains. It is… continue reading

Bear Stone Lookout

Amazing view of the Rychleb Mountains

Altitude: 899 m / 2 949 ft

Not far from the top of Medvědí kámen (907m) is the viewpoint of the same name. From there we go to the main… continue reading

Cave At Spicak

Cave At Spicak

Altitude: 454 m / 1 490 ft

The Na Špičáku caves are located below the Velký Špičák hill between the villages of Supíkovice and Písečná.… continue reading

Priessnitz Sanatorium

The most important monument of Lázní Jeseník

Altitude: 621 m / 2 037 ft

From the fountain there is a nice view of the huge Priessnitz sanatorium, which from a distance looks like… continue reading

Nýznerovský waterfall

A romantic waterfall in the Rychleb Mountains

Altitude: 541 m / 1 775 ft

In the center of the Rychleb Mountains you will find the small but romantic Nýznerovský waterfall. It is… continue reading

Smrk (Rychlebské mountains)

The highest peak of the Rychlebské Mountains

| Altitude: 1 127 m / 3 698 ft

Rychlebské Hills are situated in the territory of Moravia and Silesia and Smrk (1 127 m asl) is their border.… continue reading

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