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The most beautiful places in the Marian Garden

What to see and visit in the Marian Garden

Petr Liška
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The most beautiful places in the Marian Garden
Inserted: 17.10.2021
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The Mariánská zahrada excursion area occupies mainly the southern part of the Jičín district. It is located within the former estate of the Šlik family (Schlik). During their era, many Baroque monuments were created here, which are worth seeing. Due to its size, cycling is more ideal than exploring the area. Let's see what is worth seeing in the Marian Garden.


Terrific outlook of Jičín basin

| Altitude: 429 m / 1 407 ft

Veliš hill (429 m asl) is one of the best outlook places throughout the Czech Paradise and it provides the… continue reading

Milíčeves Castle

Beautiful chateau with a well-kept park

Altitude: 263 m / 863 ft

The small village of Milíčeves in the Jičín region unexpectedly hides a very picturesque place. You will find… continue reading

Castle Brewery Dětenice

The most visited monument in the Marian Garden

Altitude: 229 m / 751 ft

The most valuable monument of Dětenice is, of course, the chateau, but far more visitors head to the chateau… continue reading

Češovské valy

The largest prehistoric ramparts in Bohemia

Altitude: 323 m / 1 060 ft

Little-known but historically significant Češovské valy can be found in the Jičín district in the Mariánská… continue reading

Jicineves Castle

The largest castle in the Marian Garden

Altitude: 260 m / 853 ft

On the northwestern edge of Jičíněves you will find a nice three-storey chateau – the family residence of the… continue reading

Castle and chateau Staré Hrady

A fairytale castle for children

Altitude: 242 m / 794 ft

Staré Hrady Castle and Chateau is located next to the town of Libáň. It has been restored from almost a ruin… continue reading

Kopidlno Castle

The most important monument Kopidlna

Altitude: 229 m / 751 ft

Definitely the most famous monument in Kopidlna is the nice castle in the pseudo-Renaissance style. It stands… continue reading

Church of St. Wenceslas in Veliš

The most beautiful church in the Marian Garden

Altitude: 323 m / 1 060 ft

Veliš is a small village under the hill of the same name. Here it is worth stopping at the picturesque… continue reading

Chapel Loreta

Mysterious chapel

| Altitude: 405 m / 1 329 ft

On a wooded ridge a short distance from a nice lookout hill Veliš is a baroque chapel Loreta. Although yellow… continue reading

Svatá Anna

Hill, chapel and natural monument in one

| Altitude: 358 m / 1 175 ft

A few kilometers west of Jičín you will find a small hill Svatá Anna (358 m above sea level). The forested… continue reading

Vokšice Chateaux

A small village with a castle and an airport

| Altitude: 279 m / 915 ft

Surprisingly, in Vokšice, where only a few permanent residents live, you will find a fairly large chateau… continue reading

Ostruženské ponds

Paradise for birds

Altitude: 268 m / 879 ft

Ostruženský rybník is the largest pond in the vicinity of Jičín. It is located west of the city in the valley… continue reading

Church of the Exaltation of St. Crosses in Ostružno

Massive baroque church

Altitude: 284 m / 932 ft

One of the largest churches in the Baroque landscape of the Marian Garden can be found in the small village… continue reading

God's tomb in Drahoraz

A copy of the tomb of God from Jerusalem

Altitude: 274 m / 899 ft

In a small village like Drahoraz, you would definitely not expect any interesting things. In the local… continue reading

Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Slatiny

Rococo church in a baroque landscape

Altitude: 271 m / 889 ft

If you already have churches from the Baroque Marian Garden, you will be surprised by a completely different… continue reading

Wooden bell tower in Kostelec

Interesting wooden bell tower

Altitude: 306 m / 1 004 ft

In the small village of Kostelec, there is basically the only attraction of the Church of the Assumption of… continue reading

Church of St. Simon and Judy over Chyjice

One of the dominants of the Marian Garden

Altitude: 301 m / 988 ft

Church of St. Simon and Judy nad Chyjicemi can be seen from many places in the Marian Garden due to the fact… continue reading

Church of St. Martin in Udrnice

An interesting church in Udrnice

Altitude: 272 m / 892 ft

Roughly in the middle of the so-called Marian Garden you will find the small village of Udrnice. The only… continue reading

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