The most beautiful places in the Jizera Mtns.

The best of the Jizera Mountains

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The most beautiful places in the Jizera Mtns.
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The Jizera Mountains are a forested plateau furrowed by flat ridges reaching just over a thousand meters above sea level. They fall both to the Czech Republic and to Poland, where the highest peak of this mountain range lies. Previously, they were considered a lower part of the Giant Mountains. Here you will find beautiful waterfalls, rocks and of course beautiful views. There are also a few interesting towns along the edges of this mountain range. Let's take a look at the most interesting place


The most picturesque place of the Jizera Mountains

| Altitude: 859 m / 2 818 ft

Under the massive basalt mountain of Bukovec, the romantic settlement Jizerka is situated on a vast mountain… continue reading

Long Waterfall on Černá Desná

The most beautiful waterfall in the Jizera Mountai

| Altitude: 601 m / 1 972 ft

Those who like waterfalls will definitely enjoy the Černá Desná river flowing from the Souš dam to the… continue reading

Velká Jizerská louka

The largest peat bog in the Czech Republic

| Altitude: 838 m / 2 749 ft

In the places where the river Jizera separates the Czech and Polish side of the Jizera Mountains, you will… continue reading

Smrk (Jizerské mountains)

The highest mountain in the Czech Jizera Mountains

| Altitude: 1 124 m / 3 688 ft

The highest point of the Czech part of the Jizera Mountains is Smrk (1 124 m asl). Thanks to the lookout… continue reading


The most beautiful view of the Jizera plateau

| Altitude: 1 071 m / 3 514 ft

Holubník (1,071 m above sea level) is a mountain peak rising in the central part of the Jizera Mountains. It… continue reading


City with a monumental town hall

| Altitude: 374 m / 1 227 ft

The county town of Liberec is known mainly thanks to the nearby Ještěd, probably with the most famous… continue reading

Wysoki Kamień

Impressive view of the Giant Mountains

| Altitude: 1 058 m / 3 471 ft

Wysoki Kamień (1,058 m above sea level) is a peak located near the Polish mountain center of Szklarska Poreba… continue reading

Jedlová waterfall

Beautiful waterfall on the river Jedlova

| Altitude: 788 m / 2 585 ft

The highest level of the waterfall on the Jedlová Creek is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in… continue reading

Sine Skalki

The fifth highest mountain in the Jizera Mountains

| Altitude: 1 121 m / 3 678 ft

Sine Skalki (1,121 m above sea level) is the fifth highest peak in the Jizera Mountains. It is located on the… continue reading

ZOO Liberec

The oldest zoo in the Czech Republic

| Altitude: 416 m / 1 365 ft

ZOO Liberec is proud to be the oldest zoo in the Czech Republic. It is located at the eastern end of the city… continue reading


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