The most beautiful places in Strážovské vrchy

The best of Strážovské vrchy

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The most beautiful places in Strážovské vrchy
Inserted: 29.03.2022
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In the northwest of Slovakia you will find the picturesque Strážovské hills. There are beautiful limestone cliffs and picturesque cabbage hills. There are also several spas and castles. Thanks to the better-known and higher Malá Fatra Mountains in the northeast, there are also slightly fewer tourists. Let's take a look at the most beautiful places that this mountain range has to offer.

The ruins of the castle Súľov

The most visited place of Súľov Rocks

Altitude: 602 m / 1 975 ft

The ruins of the Súľov castle can be found just a short distance from the most used starting point to the… continue reading

Trenčín Castle

The majestic landmark of the city of Trenčín

Altitude: 286 m / 938 ft

No matter how you approach the city of Trenčín from any direction, you will never miss the beautiful landmark… continue reading

Strazov (1,213m)

The highest mountain of the Strážov Hills

Altitude: 1 213 m / 3 980 ft

Strážov (1,213 m above sea level) is the highest mountain in the Strážov Hills. From its top is a beautiful… continue reading


Village with painted woods

| Altitude: 649 m / 2 129 ft

Čičmany is a village located in the valley of Strážovské vrchy, at the source of the river Rajčianka. It is… continue reading

Roháč Viewpoint

The highest viewpoint in Súľovské rocks

Altitude: 673 m / 2 208 ft

The Roháč viewpoint is not only one of the most beautiful in Súľovské skály, but also the highest. As if in… continue reading

Lietavský Castle

Guardian of the Žilina Basin

Altitude: 609 m / 1 998 ft

Just a few kilometers south of Žilina is the beautiful ruins of Lietava Castle. the castle was tactically… continue reading

Limestone (956m)

One of the most beautiful mountains of the Strážov Hills

Altitude: 956 m / 3 136 ft

The second most famous mountain in Strážovské vrchy is Vápeč (956 m above sea level). It is definitely not… continue reading

Huge gate

The most famous rock arch of the Súľov Rocks

Altitude: 699 m / 2 293 ft

In Súľovské rocks we find two huge rock arches. One of them is the Huge Gate, which is also easily accessible… continue reading

Rajecké Teplice

Picturesque spa near Žilina

Altitude: 414 m / 1 358 ft

Just south of the large Slovak town of Žilina, you will come across the Rajec River in Rajecké Teplice. The… continue reading

Snake hole

The most famous cave Súľovské rocks

Altitude: 568 m / 1 864 ft

In Súľovské rocks you will find not only interesting rock views, but also caves. The most famous of these is… continue reading

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