The most beautiful places in Petra

The best of the rock city of Petra

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The most beautiful places in Petra
Inserted: 15.02.2023
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The rock city of Petra is undoubtedly the most famous tourist location in Jordan. Here you will find incredible rock tombs, of which the Treasury is probably the most famous place in all of Jordan. In addition, there are amazing rock massifs with viewpoints, gorges, but also several Roman monuments. Let's see what is definitely not to be missed here.

Treasury in Petra

Jordan's most famous place

At the very end of the Siq gorge is „the“ most famous sight from all of Jordan – the so-called treasury – the… continue reading

Monastery (Ad-Deir) in Petra

The second most beautiful monument in Petra

Altitude: 1 080 m / 3 543 ft

The impressive tomb of Ad-Deir is considered the second most beautiful „building“ in the rock city of Petra.… continue reading

Ravine Siq

The most famous canyon in Petra

Altitude: 1 008 m / 3 307 ft

The walk of the Siq gorges is an experience in itself – steep walls, in several places only a few meters… continue reading

Royal tombs in Petra

Breathtaking tombs in the rock city of Petra

Altitude: 935 m / 3 068 ft

One of the biggest attractions of the rocky city of Petra are the monumental royal tombs here. After climbing… continue reading

Obelisk Tomb at Bab as-Siq

Breathtaking rock tomb in Petra

The most important monument on the way to the gorge is a beautiful tomb with obelisks. It is definitely more… continue reading

Alley of facades

The largest concentration of rock tombs in Jordan

Altitude: 908 m / 2 979 ft

Alley of Facades is a place located just a short distance behind the famous Treasury. You will find dozens of… continue reading

Theater in Petra

Ancient rock theater

Altitude: 937 m / 3 074 ft

Behind the Fasád alley and the souvenir stalls you can reach the old theater (it is said that it could hold… continue reading

Street of columns

Roman monuments in Petra

Altitude: 878 m / 2 881 ft

After exploring the tombs and their surroundings, it's time to descend back down the stairs and join the main… continue reading

Djinn Blocks Tomb

The first rock tomb

Altitude: 1 009 m / 3 310 ft

The first rock tomb you come across on your way inside the rock city of Petra is called the Djinn Blocks Tomb… continue reading

Lion's Tomb

A small tomb in the rocks

Altitude: 923 m / 3 028 ft

It is worth making a small detour from the main road to the interesting Lion's Tomb. continue reading

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