The most beautiful places in Jordan

The best of Jordan

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The most beautiful places in Jordan
Inserted: 01.08.2018
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Jordan is a small country, but still there are many beautiful places in the form of rock towns, canyons, deserts or the unique Dead Sea. Come and see the most beautiful of them

The Rock City of Petra

Not only impressive rock tombs

| Altitude: 1 002 m / 3 287 ft

The original point of this beautiful rock town was to build burial ground hidden in the mountains – there are… continue reading

Wadi Rum desert

The most beautiful desert of Jordan

| Altitude: 993 m / 3 258 ft

Orange desert of Wadi Rum is one of the most beautiful deserts of the world. You can find here orange sand… continue reading

Dead Sea

Deepest depression of the world

| Altitude: -415 m / -1 362 ft

The Dead Sea (- 415m) is an extremely salt lake and at the same time the deepest depression. From the Israeli… continue reading

Gerasa - Jerash

Beautiful ancient city in Jordan

| Altitude: 573 m / 1 880 ft

At the time of its greatest glory, Gerasa was one of the most important cities in the Middle East. Although… continue reading


The capital of Jordan

| Altitude: 769 m / 2 523 ft

Amman, with its two million inhabitants, is not only the main but also the largest city of Jordan. You will… continue reading

Grand Canyon of Jordan

Looking to the Great Rift Valley

| Altitude: 1 557 m / 5 108 ft

The famous King's Highway, which leads to Wadi Musa, the starting point for the world-famous Petra, will take… continue reading

Al Karak Castle

The most famous Jordanian castle

| Altitude: 999 m / 3 278 ft

Al Karak Crusader Castle is both the most famous and the largest castle in Jordan. It is built in a tactical… continue reading

Tala Bay beach

Best swimming on the Jordan Riviera

| Altitude: 0 m / 0 ft

Two kilometers long beach along the Gulf of Tala. In the heart of this small bay are luxury hotels. There are… continue reading

Jordan Valley

Valley of the Sacred River

| Altitude: -305 m / -1 001 ft

The Jordan River Valley forms the border between Jordan, Israel and Palestine. This sacred fertile valley is… continue reading


Metropole of South Jordan

| Altitude: 15 m / 49 ft

The center of small jordanian riviera, crossroads to three neighboring countries and trading town – this all… continue reading

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