The most beautiful places in Canberra

What to see and visit in Canberra

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The most beautiful places in Canberra
Inserted: 09.01.2022
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The Australian capital Canberra offers several interesting modern buildings such as the new Australian Parliament, a number of monuments, but also the beautiful nature on the surrounding hills. There is also a large central lake. Let's see what you can visit in Canberra.

Front view of the Australian Parliament

Interesting modern building

Altitude: 592 m / 1 942 ft

The front view with a small pond is probably the most typical continue reading

Mount Ainslie (842 m)

The best view of Capital Hill

Altitude: 842 m / 2 762 ft

The best walk in the Australian capital Canberra is on Mount Ainslie. The mountain is located in the… continue reading

Australian War Memorial

The most famous war memorial in Australia

Altitude: 588 m / 1 929 ft

Just a short distance from the center of Canberry, at the foot of Mount Ainslie you will find the most… continue reading

Captain Cook Memorial Jet

The largest artificial geyser in Australia

Altitude: 557 m / 1 827 ft

The biggest attraction on Lake Central Basin is the artificially created geyser spraying to a height of more… continue reading

National Carillon

The largest carillon in Australia

Altitude: 557 m / 1 827 ft

On the eastern side of Lake Central Basin you will find a small island Aspen on which is a monumental… continue reading

Australian Vietnam Forces National Memorial

Vietnam War Memorial

Altitude: 569 m / 1 867 ft

In Canberra, as the capital of Australia, you will find a number of monuments. Among the interesting ones is… continue reading

Captain James Cook Memorial

The memory of the famous discoverer James Cook

Altitude: 557 m / 1 827 ft

There is a walking path around the whole lake. In the northern part it is called RG Menzies Walk. There is… continue reading

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